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First Things First: July/August 2014

I know people who post their goals at regular intervals, and others who write about what they learned each month... this is kind of a combination of the two. It's a monthly Sabbath of sorts, reevaluating current goals and projects in light of building God's kingdom instead of my own - and for the sake of consistency and thoroughness, I'm dividing it into three categories:


Erhm. Well, the free apartment internet has been exceptional (in a bad way) this month, meaning that you can only get a signal if you're as close as you can get to the source of said signal, when it's even working at all, so trying to load If : Equip discussion videos has been more frustrating than renewing and I'm a couple of weeks behind. I have, at least, been reading one of the Psalms for the day and praying through it - so renewal has happened and in combination with that wanting to pray more bit.

Last month a flurry of bloggers that I follow all started talking about Annie Downs' newest book Let's All Be Brave at the same time. It sounded appealing so I acquired a copy then quickly read through it (in keeping with my desire to lift up the good rather than bash what I perceive as bad, I try not to mention a book before I've read it in case the book and I don't click). Because I'm mentioning it now, you may infer that it was good - and I'm hoping to reread it more slowly over the course of this month. It's very much in line with my quest to rediscover my sense of adventure.


Not-square pictures were taken and posted (not enough by some standards, but I did what I could with the time that I had. Sometimes you have to put the camera down and live your life, instead of just documenting it), but Monthly Update Letters were not written. I wanted to wait until after my appointment so I'd have a little more to write, but then it's been extra-busy since then.

I have been keeping up #fmfpartysnailmail, though - two letters have been written and two received, and I need to write/send out another today. (Semi-unrelatedly, I was delighted to find a sheet of cute stamps with 11 remaining on it while cleaning yesterday - that's gold!)

The city has been explored, loved, photographed, blogged about, and shared with Adam (that last one was an unexpected bonus). Since he'll be out of town for most of August and I plan on spending part of that time in Fayetteville, I don't know how much exploring I'll get to do this month - I'd at least like to try to cover The Green Corner Store (and Loblolly Creamery :)

A knitting class at church has actually made it to the date-finalizing stages, so hopefully that process will continue to move along this month!


The sky, it has been grey. And I am out of grey yarn. So the sky has not been knitted this month - but I've kept track of what each day's weather was so that I can catch up once I get the yarn I need.

Due to a lack of dedicated sitting-down time, I've only made a little progress on my other projects, but knitting is supposed to be enjoyable not stressful and I can't use that shawl for a few more months, anyway.

The third bedroom. Y'all, it actually kinda looks like a bedroom now. That is infinitely more than I hoped for when I set last month's goal of "make visible progress." Thanks to help and moral support from a friend, visible progress has been made. All of the boxes are neatly stacked in the closet, with the ones I actually get stuff out of on top so that I can empty them one at a time as I have time, the floor is almost completely clear (sans a few items I need find homes for), and I'm actually to the point of having enough maneuvering room to move furniture. Which is going to require male assistance. This month, I'd like to empty my dresser and get everything ready to go so that it can be moved when Adam gets back.

- Go over If : Equip when the internet allows, otherwise read/pray through a Psalm each day
- Read/journal Let's All Be Brave
- Write and mail Monthly Update Letters, and continue responding to letters/sending #fmfpartysnailmail notes
- Love the City (and ice cream - love ice cream)
- Get furniture ready to move

How often do you stop to (prayerfully) reevaluate your goals and projects? What are your reasonable goals for this month?


Kayla said…
Oh, friend! The 3rd bedroom looks WONDERFUL (from what I can see)!! I'm so excited for you. I hope this is a Daunting Task that brings some Peace to your home (and your own body) in what has been accomplished. No more looming over your head. :)

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