Monday, August 11, 2014

A Space to Write

After I got home on Saturday evening, following a week in Fayetteville that was intended to be relaxing but ended up being somewhat stressful, I was overwrought and slightly frustrated (at nothing and no one in particular) and relieved my tightly-wound feelings by moving what furniture I could (thankfully, my single-girl furniture is all break-down-able and easy to move piecemeal and reassemble, and that's what I was moving) and I learned something about myself in the process: I work better when I have a dedicated space in which to work.

I got it all set up how I wanted, and was rather pleased with the result. The Nester should be thanked for the idea to "shop your home" and find things you already have - Adam made a couple of cubes that we used on our kitchen counter for plates and cookbooks at our last apartment, and Brooklyn had been using as bookshelves here, and I requisitioned one of them as a stand for the printer (which in turn became a stand for the little (in)courage perpetual calendar that I got at the Dayspring outlet while I was visiting Fayetteville). We have an extra kitchen chair (because Brooklyn's highchair is taking up one space) that's been sitting awkwardly in the living room  for several months that was a comfortable height for my dining-table-turned-desk, and it's now serving a useful purpose and not being awkward anymore.

In searching for my mousepad (which I never did find) I came across a pretty issue of GreenCraft from last summer that I decided to use instead. And now I have something to look through when the internet is slow - a win both ways! I also moved my old pretty pen cup (that I found years ago at Terra Studios) from the counter where it has been living to within more convenient reach.

Remember that corkboard I decorated in January? It's been sitting in a closet, while I hunted high and low for mustache pushpins. Which apparently went out of style the month before I started looking. I had given up, when Mum and I were in The Mustache in Fayetteville (looking for something else) and finally spotted some last week. I felt like the Annie Barnett print from last month's Hope*ologie (a let's do/let's not list) went with it nicely. I also couldn't resist moving the framed blockprint card that I got at Four-Legged Bird awhile ago from in our dining area to over here - because I may be a schemer, but I'm not the only one (and I love the Beatles reference).

Brooklyn and I ventured forth this morning and found a pretty basket to organize some of my letter-writing and journaling supplies - the last of a birthday Target gift card well spent! (Brooklyn's contribution was being distractingly adorable while I was trying to decide between tall-and-square or short-and-rectangular.) I was happy to find one big enough to put my clipboard and letter-writing 3-ring binder in, among other things - they've been an avalanche hazard up to this point, teetering uncertainly on the bottom of a stack of other things made of paper. And that was the only purchase I made in order to complete the space - everything else was stuff we already had, somewhere else in our apartment.

It was such an unexpected relief to have a designated workspace that I sat down yesterday afternoon while Brooklyn napped and wrote 5 notes and a 7 page letter - it reminded me of what a friend said last week about how writing is something that you have to practice. I didn't think that I was out of practice - but with an increase in writing, I'm finding that it's becoming easier. I should start memorizing poetry again and see if practicing that helps my memory in general...

Do you like to have designated spaces for certain tasks, or can you do quite well perched on the couch with a laptop or spreading a project all over the bed?

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