Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Savvy Self-Confidence

Mommy fashion! Painting my nails (or having them done) is one of those things that just makes me feel pretty and put-together and, well, polished... but, I discussed the ethical questionability of nail laquers in an End It Project post a few months back (I didn't have time to go into the health risks), then too, when there are tiny people in your life, you're never guaranteed the uninterrupted drying time that you'll need. But a friend (and fellow mama - those are her lovely nails in the above photo) posted a solution on Facebook a few days ago that looked pretty awesome: Jamberry Nail Wraps

[the orange Arrow ones! and the Alphabet... and Houndstooth... and Blooming Splendor...]

Created by three sisters, they're nontoxic, gluten-free, latex-free, animal-cruelty-free (even though my tallest soapbox is the ethical treatment of humans, people who are cruel to animals tend to carry that over into the rest of their business dealings, so that's important to me), American-made, ready-to-go strips that you adhere to your nails by heating them in front of a wee little heater (or a hair dryer) and then rubbing them on. Since they're made from vinyl, they don't chip and they last longer than liquid color, and they have adorable kid-sized ones for tinies that want to look like Mummy (no drying time - perfect for small attention spans!) Each sheet will do two manicures and two pedicures, lasting 2 and 4-6 weeks, respectively - and for less than you'd pay to have that kind of patterning applied at a nail salon.

Through this Thursday, there's an online party you can join for more info (and a chance to win Jamberry products) so check that out, as well.
A note: no one asked me to do this, and I'm not getting anything for posting this. And while I haven't personally tried Jamberry Nail Wraps (yet!)  I trust the friends of mine who have, and had nothing but rave reviews to share.

In my explorations of South Main Street last week, I came across The Root Cafe (which will get its own post later). They serve fresh, local food, and because they get bread and buns from Dempsey Bakery, that renders (almost - sans a few soups) their entire menu gluten-free. Just being around all that good food inspired me to make some of my own - first experiment, Leftovers Quiche. I got a gluten-free piecrust from Whole Foods and found the formula for quiche in an egg cookbook Mum gave me, then ignored their mix-ins and used cut-up steak, roasted asparagus tips, and cheddar cheese instead. It turned out really well, emptied two of the many plastic tubs currently cluttering our refrigerator, and I not only have a week's worth of easy-to-reheat food but another pie crust for next week, as well!

South Main Street. Y'all, the next time I'm in Fayetteville and get a chance to go by The Four-Legged Bird, someone is getting a hug for telling me about this place! In the space of a few blocks, there is so much wonderfulness. For now, I'll just focus on one:

MOXY Modern Mercantile (that sign hangs behind the register - it's made from nails and yarn.) New to the SoMa district, as of February of this year, they call themselves a "modern incarnation of the general store" and are gloriously filled with vintage, vintage-inspired, and sundry other items (if you're a Fayetteville native, the closest thing I have to compare them to is The Mustache crossed with The Four-Legged Bird - sort of).

What initially drew me in was the fabulous array of the type of paper I'm most interested in - journals, notecards, and stationery - that was visible through the front window. While I limited my purchases to a small notebook (birch bark textured on the outside, and each page is printed with woodgrain - swoon - that's now designated for poetry only) for future reference, they'll definitely be my first stop whenever I need a card.

A Dire Straits album certainly didn't damage the mood any, and I had a wonderful chat with one of the owners (Moxy is the brain-child of a husband-and-wife team - Lara, and Jon, who was extremely friendly and patient, for all I interrupted his attempts to paint some shelves with my questions) which only served to make me like the adorable space even more.

Along with their lovely selection of kitchen kitsch (they have the paper straws I use!) and a cooler stocked with Jones sodas, he mentioned a dream of someday having a sandwich counter in the back - and in the mean time, invited me to bring a cup of tea and sit anytime I wanted to (yes, that was a quote. I warned him that it was a dangerous offer that I'd probably avail myself of!)

All in all, I'm really glad to have found them - I'm planning to repeat my "local Christmas" project again this year, and I can probably get most of my shopping done in one spot (or at least on one block)... the hard part will be not buying presents for myself! I can't help but love a shop that exemplifies its name: moxie - the courage to stand alone in savvy self-confidence.

Won't you discover your own sense of adventure with me? Find a new way to do something you've always done, try a new food, go to a new place... the possibilities are endless!


Amber Gutshall said...

Love this! Thanks for spreading the news! Also, I was eyeing sweet Brooklyn on Sunday and she is just precious :) I hope you are doing well down in Little Rock ❤️

Holly said...

Glad you found The Root! I love their mushroom burger. Across the street and catty-corner to them is a great shop with local ice cream too, for future refernce.