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First Things First: June/July 2014

I know people who post their goals at regular intervals, and others who write about what they learned each month... this is kind of a combination of the two. It's a monthly Sabbath of sorts, reevaluating current goals and projects in light of building God's kingdom instead of my own - and for the sake of consistency and thoroughness, I'm dividing it into three categories:


The wagon, y'all... I have fallen off of it. The cloud of dust has subsided and I've been left sitting in the middle of the road, alone and wholly out of sight of most of the goals that I set. It's my own fault, I suppose, because I knew that June would be a fairly busy month - I just underestimated how busy it would be.

So, while I am currently caught up on IF : Equip's study through the book of Acts, that's not because I did it every day (more like a grand catch-up once a week or so). I need to find a (flexibly) consistent time to try to do it every day - I suspect that would help. Maybe.

Oh, and reading Rhinestone Jesus didn't happen either --- because Adam ended up kidnapping it and reading it himself. With commentary and discussion, so I sort of feel like I read it again. And he enjoyed it, so I feel like that ended up being a good thing, even if it wasn't what I'd planned.

Praying outloud is a work-in-progress - but I feel like it's worth continuing to work on, until I make better progress.

previously Family

In the category of Things That Did Happen, Brooklyn's party. Everyone found our apartment, no one had a meltdown, the gluten-free fare was eaten and at least outwardly enjoyed by all, and there were enough chairs.

I have been faithfully taking "real" pictures (that is, not square Instagrammed ones) and posting them on Facebook/emailing them to grandparents. Since everyone was here, a monthly update letter did not get written but that is on the agenda for this month.

So, we've lived in Little Rock for 6 months. And I've spent that 6 months trying to find the Fayetteville in Little Rock - and failing utterly, because only Fayetteville can be Fayetteville. I finally decided to let Little Rock be itself and this morning Brooklyn and I went on a quest to find a shop that Keith at The Four-Legged Bird had recommended. We found an entire district. There are shops filled with things that I use, things that I want, and things that I would buy as gifts - and they have lovely owners. MOXY just made first place in my experience as "Best First Impression" (besides giving me a map of the area and suggesting a few places to visit, and agreeing to let me take all of the pictures I wanted, the owner extended the invitation to bring a cup of tea and just sit for awhile. It's a retail shop. And I may just take him up on it.) There is an ice cream parlor/soda fountain, a cafe with gluten-free options, and a sort of an art garden that hosts a Farmer's Market and would be a perfect location for a photo shoot. With that, I'm reviving my Love the City project, with a special focus on South Main Street (to be extended as further discoveries warrant). Hopefully I can get the first of several detailed posts up sometime next week.

We're finally starting to meet some people at church, as well, which is nice, and there looks to be interest for a knitting class if I'm interested in teaching one (which, of course!)


I also fell off of the sky-knitting wagon, but I'm all caught up - however, I need to get more of both the light and dark greys before I can continue, because I'm all out of those. When I started this project, I envisioned there being a lot more blue...

And, about that skirt I was working on... I'm still working on it, but I kinda sorta mighta gotten a wee little bit distracted by another project. "Over Hill and Under Hill" (working title) is too delicious not to work on, but since it's a woolly little thing I'll probably need to wait until fall to publish the pattern.

Something that I've been avoiding but must face, the sooner the better, is our third bedroom. When we moved in, everything that didn't have a home/all of my knitting and crafting supplies went in there. However, now it has need to function as a nursery, so I'm going to have to start working on it. My goal is a purposefully vague "make visible progress."

- Find a time for quiet time that works
- Really. Pray outloud
- Love the city
- Take intentional steps toward fostering community at church
- Make visible progress on the third bedroom

How often do you stop to (prayerfully) reevaluate your goals and projects? What are your reasonable goals for this month?


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