Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Somewhere to Go, Something to Say

Over the weekend, Brooklyn spontaneously decided (quite of her own accord) that water from a sippy cup is a fabulous thing, as is breakfast. I'm not sure what sparked the change, but I'm grateful for it because I was beginning to despair of her ever being interesting in solid food.

She's been looking at her books more thoughtfully of late (perhaps studying up for a birthday trip to the zoo?) She knows when they're upsidedown, because if she wants me to read to her she'll turn the book right way up, but she likes looking at them the other way. She also keeps up a pretty constant commentary - not sure if she's "reading" or just discussing it.

This afternoon we went to order her cake - she enjoys helping with errands (especially there, because the ladies like and recognize her, so they come to talk and admire... actually, that pretty much happens everywhere that we go with any consistency...) especially if there's something that she can carry. For the most part she can be trusted with a list or pick-up slip - but sometimes she gets excited and forgets that she's holding something, and accidentally lets go.

The noises she makes are sounding more and more like talking (there's lots of inflection and intonation), and she's standing up straighter when we help her walk and letting go of things before slowly and carefully sitting down - I'm curious to see which she figures out first!

Mamas of toddlers and older kiddos - did yours talk first, or walk first?

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