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Saving [Tasks] for a Rainy Day

Between stifling humid heat and sudden, sweeping storms, we stayed in for most of last week (except for necessity grocery runs - neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night can keep us in when we run out of diapers and almond milk!)

But that's made it perfect weather for guiltless crafting. I got a quilt block to sew together from our church's "Piece Makers" ministry at the beginning of last month, and finally dragged my sewing machine out and spent 5 minutes doing the three straight seams the project required. I left the machine out, and did the two I got in exchange for turning in my completed one as soon as we got home from church. (Those took a bit longer, but only because I ran into user-generated technical difficulties - why on earth would they make the little cover over the bobbin clear if whatever you're sewing covers it up?!) I still wish they had something knitting-related...

 Brooklyn has been creating new games for herself of late, and one of her favorites is Take Everything Off the Shelf. She's not hurting anything and it keeps her happy, so for the most part I let her at it (there are some shelves she's not allowed to touch, but she knows which ones those are and leaves them alone pretty well). I did, though, finally get tired of reorganizing the diapering supplies under her changing table, and was contemplating getting a couple of storage cubes. They need to be about the size of those diaper cases, those fit perfectly... I thought to myself as I eyed the table. Then I realized that I could just cover the diaper boxes in duct tape, so we ventured to Office Depot for metallic star-studded tape (I folded the flaps to the outside to make them a little sturdier). The epiphany that this same principle could be applied to any box made me a lot more anxious to start organizing our un-unpacked front bedroom!

Said organizing is moving slowly. Step one requires the emptying of an in-use dresser followed by some major furniture moving, and Adam worked over the weekend (and late every night before that) so it's not terribly motivating to empty the dresser when I know there's no one to help move the dresser.

However, his Father's Day present is a couple of movies (Despicable Me 1 and 2, with a box of Hot Tamales for each) so I can work on the dresser while we watch those. I decided to get all Pinteresty on my wrapping and try weaving Washi tape - sadly, my upcycled inside-out Whole Foods bag was a little fuzzy and the tape grabbed it before I was ready. I'll stick to stripes in the future.

Being trapped inside has its advantages - it does force me to get things done that I've been putting off, because when it comes down it I'd rather do them than get wet. And beauty often comes with storms - the varied and extraordinary clouds, the awe-inspiring lightning and thunder, and of course the rainbows after.

Metaphorically and literally, what have you been doing with the storms in your life lately?


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