Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pull Up a Chair

All last week, it rained. Brooklyn and I would wait for a gap in the showers in order to make a mad errand dash, and we still ended up getting wet more than half the time (I have this thing about rain... I dislike getting it in my ears, and I really dislike my back getting soaked as I buckle Brooklyn into her carseat) but the sun has begun to come out today, and with it the heat.

That, combined with utter boredom with anything I know how to cook, inspired me to pull out the beautiful panini press that my Dad gave us when we got married (that we hadn't so much as plugged in yet). It's lovely - the press preheats in the amount of time that it takes me to assemble a sandwich, and then in two minutes it will thaw my frozen bread and melt the cheese, so it heats the kitchen up less than pantoasting it (I don't eat cold sandwiches - if the cheese isn't melted, how do you keep the sandwich from falling apart when you eat it?) That was yesterday - I had another panini for lunch today, and I plan on offering it as an option to anyone who wants their sandwich hot at Brooklyn's party.

I keep mentally counting our seating options, trying to think of a comfortable way to seat 10. Loveseat - that's two. Armchair makes three. Two more real chairs, but one creaks and kind of has a 100lb weight limit. Four stools that only I can comfortably sit on. Two little benches, those could be tables, too, is someone sat on the floor. Oh, and that storage cube thing! Really, if we're talking "comfortable" and no one's sitting on the floor, there are seats for 9. So when Brooklyn and I were at Wal*Mart this afternoon and spotted a cute, comfortable little patio chair for $15, I snagged it - then got to figure out how to get it into my little car, since the back seat is occupied by a stroller and a carseat and the trunk space is negligible.

It went in easier than it came out, but I was able to wrestle it free and then tote it up the stairs. Comfortable seat #10 looks quite at home, and I plan on testing it out with quiet times, reading, and knitting.

So I feel better about that, and the panini press idea also made me happy - a little more like food, and less like a picnic or a snack (there will be some present who have Thoughts on such things). Now, if possible, I would like everyone to be happy, including me - Hope*ologie this month is about Hospitality, and it came at the perfect time. Myquillyn wrote a wonderful piece on the difference between the potentially self-glorifying motivations behind "entertaining" and the open heart-and-handedness behind "hospitality" that really encouraged me.

Also encouraging, I haven't killed the sedum yet! (Yes, I know it's only been a week and a half - never underestimate the deadly power of a black thumb.) It sort of makes me want to make or acquire one of those little succulent landscapes that are popular right now (or at least where I am they are), but I should probably wait and make sure this lasts and I didn't just happen onto an exceptionally hardy specimen.

Lastly, a tiny tunic! I am extremely pleased with how this turned out - aside from the comforting fact that anything is automatically ok once you put it on a cute baby, I feel like it's not half bad on its own. We were able to photoshoot Eft over the weekend - now I can focus on that skirt I'm designing for me!

Summer is coming and with it come picnics, barbecues, block parties, and family reunions - how's your hospitality?

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Karrilee Aggett said...

Mmm - Panini's! And score on that super cute red chair!!!

Just popping over to say Hey this morning!