Friday, June 6, 2014


It's Five Minute Friday! An internet-wide flashmob of bloggers, writing for five minutes flat (no stopping, no editing!) on a prompt provided by the lovely Lisa-Jo, then linking up and sharing a little comment love. Head over here for more details, more posts, and to join in!

There's a hand I always reach for - when I'm walking and want to share the adventure, when I feel alone and need comfort, when I'm afraid and need a tether, when something is just too beautiful to express in words and just needs to be conveyed with a squeeze - and I'm comforted in knowing that when I reach for a hand, that hand will reach back. 

Those hands are strong - keeping me steady when I stumble over a root on a hiking trip, and holding me together when it feels like everything is falling apart. They're skilled - building, working, creating (ok, it's not entirely fair that I used a pic of him knitting because that is the only time he's done it, but I didn't have a good one of him cooking or building something...) And they're gentle - carefully brushing away a tear or tucking a wildflower into my hair.

I'm not the only one who lays claim to those hands - there are smaller ones that insist on help with clapping, walking, holding things... and the heart behind them is big enough for both of us. That heart brought about a left hand bears a ring that tells the world he's mine - and I'm so glad that he is! {Love you, Bear!}

Sorry, got a little sappy there - won't you join us for five minutes of writing, though?
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Debbie G said...

Hey there! Just stopping by from FMF. I enjoyed reading your post.:) Holding my hubby's hand can mean so many different things, too. We've been married for 38 years and I still love holding his hand. Dang! I should have written about that. Oh well. Anyways, I truly did love your take on our prompt this week.

annette @ A Net In Time said...

isn't it great to have another pair of hands? hands you can depend on? you portrayed your "second" hands very well. :)

Karrilee Aggett said...


Lana said...

Stopping by from FMF. This is my first one, and I've been reading some beautiful posts! Love how you wrote about your husband's hands. Have a great weekend!