Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Up and Out

It's been a busy, getting-into-things week! This morning she unpacked the snack bag that I had packed, while I took everything else down to the car in preparation for a trip to Fayetteville.

After I took the snack bag, she went to get a book, instead. I was surprised at her choice - she's been getting The Odyssey off of Adam's shelf all week and looking at it.

Her very favorite past time at this point is Taking Things Off Of Shelves. It's a very entertaining game - she takes off everything that she can reach, and then I put it back (because otherwise she starts trying to climb up and get into something higher). I've been explaining the cleaning up process and why we clean up - soon I'll start trying to involve her in the process.

Adam was supposed to be gone for most of the month, but he keeps getting sent to Little Rock for things (he's there right now - sadly, as I type this from Fayetteville - but we saw him three times that we didn't expect to and will hopefully see him this weekend. God is good!) It's a good thing, because Brooklyn has done an extraordinary amount of growing and developing the past few weeks.

She's grown an inch and gained almost a pound in the past three weeks (which means she's at the top of her own curve, and we don't have to go back for any more weight checks - prayer answered!) She has, of course, been putting her height to good use by getting into more things.

Also in the way of developments, she's learned how to put a puff in her mouth and then let it go (which concept she was struggling with before). She is now a voracious puff-eater - I think we'll try berries next. Maybe.

As always, she loves impeding the laundry - her current tactic is to obstruct my ability to get clothes in and out of the dryer, while smiling adorably.

We've been enjoying the warmer weather, and a newly-discovered trail that's super-close to our apartment, and her sun hat from Terra Tots (moms, if you are in the market for a sun hat, this one is handmade by a mom and worth the investment!). I'm looking forward to getting her out on Fayetteville's trail system while we're here for the next week or so.

So - finger foods for a small person with four teeth. Go!

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