Monday, May 26, 2014

Slice of Life

We actually got to spend half of today with Adam - he worked an 8-hour day before noon, but then he was able to come home after that. So we went for a walk, all three of us, and Brooklyn and I showed him our nearby trail. It was really nice to just spend some time outside together - it's been awhile since we've been able to do that.

Afterwards, because it was hot today and because I had spotted a Tropical Sno shack located conveniently near the park, we had sno cones. We got Brooklyn a cup of shaved ice with no syrup - she enjoyed it deeply, although she kept looking over at my lime green one as if to ask, why is mine invisible? (That's my current design-in-progress coordinating in the background.)

I spent some time last week attempting to make baby food for her. OK, by "attempting" I mean that everything turned out well, but getting her to eat it is another matter. She likes the chicken, and she likes the spinach-and-rice... but the roasted root veggies are questionable, and she was positively offended by her tiny fruit mix (I'm not really sure why).

Speaking of attempts, remember that adorable terrarium I planted when we moved here? And then there was a wee sprout and I was so excited? It died. But Kroger had little potted succulents, and one of them was sedum (which is what I was trying to grow), so I transplanted one into my terrarium. We'll see if I can keep it alive once it's grown and hardier.

More successfully, I've been experimenting with "art journaling." Rebekah started it - she's more of a painter/mixed media person than I am, so hers are a little heavier on the art side of things, but I'm enjoying journaling with bits of paint and things mixed in. It reminds me of the trip journals I used to make... I'd write about what happened, but interspersed my writing with taped-in postcards, photos, parking receipts, burger picks, leaves, and other flat mementos. So far I've used this for processing a sermon (instead of taking notes) and for aiding in the memorization of a poem.

It was also a good excuse to organize my marking utensils and get them all in one place... I have such an odd assortment, but even if it was something that I used as a child or as a teen, as long as it works for my purpose, I don't see a reason to change (I'm looking at you, Crayola and gel pens!)

I've been focused on creative expression and processing lately... to the detriment of the laundry (which is washed, but not put away). This week will probably be one of organizing, and then I need to start plotting seating arrangements and other details - we've got a party coming up!

How have you celebrated the onset of warmer weather and the approach of summer? (I must confess, hunting down a good sno cone shack is one of my favorite late spring/early summer activities!)

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