Thursday, May 1, 2014


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I am a mess. Compared to Adam (who is a tidy person), I have the habits of a teenaged boy, leaving piles of unfinished projects in my wake - I put things away when I am completely (operative word, there) finished with them, but usually have multiple projects going simultaneously, so it looks really bad. Half-read books face down on shelves and couch arms, baskets of knitting, folded laundry waiting to be put away collecting on my dresser, stacks of art and writing supplies balanced on the table...

But I control my messes. At least once a week, or if I know someone's coming over, I force myself to go through and honestly evaluate whether I am actually going to complete each project any time in the near future, and if not, to put it away. That's also an unfortunate metaphor for my internal messes - the way I tend to ignore them until they show signs of creeping out and becoming visible to others, or at least to others whose opinions I care about.

Brooklyn, though... she's curious. About everything. And if she can reach it, she's bent on satisfying that curiosity. Yesterday, I put all of the games back in our game cabinet, replaced the pans that are light enough for her to lift in the drawer under the oven and returned her books to their respective shelves at least five times each, and also rescued her from an avalanche caused by tugging on a crate full of toys, realized that the bathroom door wasn't quite "to" in time to confiscate the scrub brush that she had just unsheathed from its holder (thankfully all she touched was the handle), and thwarted her attempts to eat the blinds, a door stopper, and the wall.

I can't completely control any of it - and really, other than the activities that are potentially hazardous to her health, I don't want to. It won't kill me to pick up things - it takes me about as long to clean up as it takes her to destroy (that is, not long at all), and as she gets older we can learn to clean up together. And for now, while my hands are busy doing a simple task, I can spend my mental energy praying through the messes that clutter up my heart, distracting me from God and from my family.

So, what messes can you tackle - and which ones are ok to leave?


Richelle Wright said...

that bit about "an unfortunate metaphor for my internal messes - the way i tend to ignore them until they show signs of creeping out and becoming visible to others..."

that's a pretty powerful statement and observation - and something that is probably true about most of us, don't you think?

i actually tend to be the one nonmessy person in my house. :-)

Karrilee Aggett said...

Oh girl... doesn't that come with creativity - that I'll get back to it thinking? I know it does for me! My art/work space can get out of control and piled high as I am working... I am guilty of that too! (And of course - the laundry!) Love you and can't wait to get to know you better through our Incourage group! (in which we will most likely make messes, right?)