Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Live on Location

We've been having an enjoyable visit in Fayetteville this week, albeit a chilly one. Yesterday we had to invest in a jacket for Brooklyn (a teeny white cardi with a little blue-green seahorse embroidered on it - this is no itchy emergency Easter-morning sweater!) - as the hardier adult, I've been layering my Tshirts with tank tops and being even a little more snuggly than usual. Hey, Brooklyn, wanna sit in my lap and read The Lorax?

The nice days have been nice, and it was lovely getting to see Adam over the weekend and spend a little time with him (before he had to go back to Ft Chaffee - again.) And the rainy days have been a good opportunity to play indoors, and practice contentment at home (or at someone else's home, which is actually easier, because you don't have all of their books memorized yet).

Since I'll have less than four weeks at that point and notices need to be snail-mailed, I should probably get to work on finalizing birthday stuff for Brooklyn as soon as we get home this weekend --- less than a month? How did that happen?!

So - first birthday (we're combining hers with mine, but I don't really matter, having had several birthdays already, all to myself). Any regrets? advice? ideas?

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