Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Counting Down to One

Three more weeks and she'll be one! After a brief independent streak, Brooklyn's decided that What I'm Doing is highly fascinating and something that she needs to be involved in. So far this morning, she's emptied the dishwasher (the dishes were unwashed), helped me finish my breakfast, and pretended to get into something that she wasn't supposed to as a ploy to get me to come read with her.

After a month of going and coming and sometimes (but not often enough) crossing paths, we're finally all home together at the same time. Brooklyn hasn't seen Adam yet, since he got in late last night, but she was delighted to find his boots and bag this morning, and I'm sure she's anxious to show off how she can (sometimes) stand without holding onto anything.

Besides counting down to a birthday, we're also counting down to a party. I finally sat down and got her invitations made a few days ago, and they're hopefully going in the mail today. There's not much else that needs to be done (besides figuring out how to contrive seats and plates for 10 adults in our li'l apartment) - I do still need to order a cake. It's so nice having a dedicated gluten-free bakery here locally --- one that can bake deliciousness that everyone will enjoy, and that my Mum can safely eat.

I have high hopes that we're on the edge of change... a shift from baby to toddler, from apart to together, from where-we've-been-for-awhile and onward to new adventures!

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Kayla said...

Her hair is so blonde in that last picture! Oh my goodness. :)

In my opinion, year 2 (between 1st and 2nd birthday) goes by much more quickly than year 1 does... even though the development isn't nearly as rapid. But that's my personal opinion from having raised one child through those years -- and a boy at that! ;)