Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Behind Open Doors

Brooklyn has gotten less destructive and more contemplative of late - less likely to wantonly pull all of the books off of a bookshelf, and more likely to start a tune playing on her toy iPod while she thoughtfully looks at a book (usually upside down).

Not to say that pulling things out isn't still really fun. She discovered my stash of brown paper bags under the sink a few days ago and had a grand time unwedging them from between the pipes and scattering them across the floor --- I needed to reorganize them, anyway. ;)

Since getting into the cabinets is so very fun, except for the ones that have breakable things inside of them, and I don't really have anywhere else to put some of the things we went through the kitchen together and put a little strip of (what else?) Washi tape on each of the ones that she's allowed to open. She's lost her freedom a couple of times a day for getting into unmarked doors after being reminded not to, but it's actually working much better than just randomly going and stopping her mid-pillage. She likes it, too - she'll proudly open all of the marked doors and then smile, and yell to make me look.

She's also gotten more interested in music. She likes her little toy iPod, although it bugs her that it stops after one song because she wants to listen to it while she reads and plays - and if I have music playing, she's a little quieter and less likely to bang things around. Today we're listening to Jack Johnson - yesterday it was The Beatles.

Food is slowly (oh, so slowly!) becoming more interesting - she likes most of what I made for her in my cooking spree last week, and she was very enthusiastic about shaved ice this past weekend. She also thinks that her sippy cup is an extraordinary and hilarious thing, and it's become part of our morning routine for me to share my muffin with her.

Our schedule has been off lately, and it seems like it's either been too hot or raining, but I'm hoping we can get outside again soon. Being stuck in the apartment is beginning to wear on both of us!

Ideas for foods to tempt a tiny palate - go! She prefers veggies over fruit, and doesn't really have the whole chewing thing down very well yet so it needs to be smooshable.

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Kayla said...

Ae loved/loves sweet potatoes and butternut squash. They're pretty simple to roast in the oven, and it makes a huge amount -- good for several days if Miss Brooklyn decides she likes it. Roasted or steamed carrots might work, too. (Can you tell we prefer the orange hue of veggies at our house?)

Chopped, wilted spinach (i.e. cooked in a bit of oil on the stove for just a minute or two) is pretty mushy. The oil also helps your body absorb all the fat-soluble nutrients in spinach!

Ok, so this is a fruit...but avocados are a hit around here. It's almost time for them to start being priced reasonably again, too! As a mum, you can add a dash of garlic powder and/or salt and/or pepper to it to draw out different flavors. Brooklyn might just like them plain.

Note: All of this comment was made under the assumption that you haven't tried any of them. Simply ignore whatever information you have found to be contrary to Brooklyn's likes. ;)