Friday, April 4, 2014


It's Friday - and that means a Five Minute Friday writing prompt from the lovely Lisa-Jo! I fell off the writing wagon a few weeks ago, but, really, it's only 5 minutes (no stopping, no editing!) and so I'm back on. Each week, she posts - and we post, and link-up, and share some comment love! If you'd like to read more posts, or join in, click here.

I am a writer of notes. Thank-you, Post-It, just-because. I'm trying to create a culture of note-writers, beginning in my own home... do unto others and all that, and while it may not make a difference in my lifetime, sometime years from now I'd like for someone to get an unexpected note when she needs one. Because I taught my daughter - and perhaps my friends - the importance of note writing. [Speaking of, it's National Letter-Writing Month - you should send someone you've been thinking of a letter. I can say from personal experience, you may have no idea how much they need it.]

I am a writer of prose. Researching, interviewing, chasing down a story like the reporter I almost was - I love to share my findings through the written word. That's why things like The End It Project capture my attention so deeply - I feel almost guilty, like I've taken all of the fun parts. "I get to research... and to write about it, too?" (Fortunately, I'm pretty sure I'm a bit of an aberration, and am not taking any fun from anyone, really.)

I am a writer of poetry. When simply jotting my thoughts fails to make sense of them, sometimes setting a strict meter helps. Within its limitations, I can think more freely and more clearly. A set number of syllables... an agreed-upon point where everything has to line up in some sort of semblance of a rhyme... sometimes structure is the best path to freedom. [It's also National Poetry Month - even if you don't want to write a poem, won't you at least consider memorizing one?]

You don't have to consider yourself a writer in order to write - so won't you join in? Five Minute Friday, a note to a friend, or a poem that no one else has to read if you don't want them to --- just write!


Vicki said...

LOVE your post! Especially your take on poetry! I think you are on to something there!

Visiting from FMF!

Jennifer McLarty said...

Visiting from FMF. How I wish my 5 minutes of writing could sound as good as yours! :) Or I wish I could edit. Either ways. But I love your post - especially about note-writing! Most of the time when I write notes to people I get a "why did you do that? Isn't it a waste of paper?" But I think the art of note writing and letter writing is dying and it's tragic. Way to bring it back in your end of the world! :)

Karrilee Aggett said...

Love this my friend! I too am a letter writer, a note giver, and even in this email and texting culture - I try to encourage my girlie to sit down old school style - and write out a Thank You or a card Just Because every once in awhile!