Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Plotting Plots

Brooklyn's been working on mastering the art of adorable plotting lately. Because, you know, if you're cute enough, you might get away with something (at least, that's the theory. It hasn't really worked yet.)

She knows what "no" means, and is amazingly responsive to it (that being dependent on me catching her before she gets into something, instead of after). Yesterday it occurred to her that if she has to stop what she's doing when I say no, then surely it must work the other way around. So she said, "Nah! Nah!" firmly as I put her down for a nap. I explained why naps are necessary, and she had one anyway. It was worth a shot.

While she still won't wave at people, she will clap - because the world is in need of a little more positive affirmation. Between clapping and smiling and sticking out her tongue, going shopping with her is a slow process - we continually have to stop so that people can talk to her. But they walk away happy, so her mission is accomplished.

These. Best board books ever. Each one is a revision of a classic - for example, Sense and Sensibility is opposites, using examples from the book. Alice in Wonderland is colors. Wuthering Heights is weather. And Jabberwocky is... Jabberwocky. Because that's one that you can't really improve upon, and doesn't need to be altered. They're very sturdy, and along with being a modified version of a longer story that I'll introduce Brooklyn to one day, they also have lovely illustrations. We sat down and read the whole stack through this morning.

I've been trying, with dubious success, to get her interested in solid food as something besides finger paint. We discovered puffs this week, and while she won't feed them to herself (she either feeds them to me, or hands one to me and opens her mouth like a little bird so that I can put it in), I discovered that putting one on the spoon with her food is a Good Thing. It's also getting her used to chewing - she still only has two teeth, but there are soft, squishable things, and at some point she's going to have to start feeding herself (preferably before she's three).

Spreading joy, and spreading anything that's on a reachable shelf all over the floor - Brooklyn's keeping herself (and me!) busy. :)

Any suggestions for solid foods that might tempt a tiny person?

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