Thursday, April 10, 2014


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Knitting needles are my brush - yarn acts as both paint and canvas - and I look up. For the past three-ish months, I've been knitting the sky. It would be much quicker to paint it with watercolor, acrylic, or oils, but skill with those media eludes me, so I daily rely on the skill of some other handpainter as I hold one or two hues together to best imitate the color I see above me.

It's more than just an exercise in patience (and it is definitely that - taking a year to make a scarf when I could finish it so much faster if I just did it all at once), it's also an exercise in gratitude. On the sunny days, I get to work with lovely woolen handpainted Koigu; on the cloudy ones, an array of raw silk and alpaca blended beauty from Blue Sky Alpacas called "Metalico" - and I spend about 5 minutes every evening pondering it, trying to find the silver lining in not just the sky but also my day.

Because my day is also a canvas, and a brush is always moving across it, splashing color over nothingness - but unless I seize it, it's not my hand that controls its path. My circumstances, environment, and culture all seek to drive the mood of the finished picture. If I don't constantly redirect it - and my thoughts and actions - then I won't like what I see at the end of the day.

So I seek the beauty, practice gratitude, and preach to myself (oh, so much! but still not enough) every hour of every day, until the day is done - and I hope that my own heart will daily reflect the extraordinary wonder of the sunset that is God's nightly reminder to rest in Him.

How do you practice gratitude and seek the silver linings?

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Jamie Gunn said...

Visiting from Five Minute Friday -- this is beautiful! Gratitude, and silver linings in everyday expressed in art, as art provides you reflection time.