Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On the Move

It's been a big week for a little girl, what with Going and Doing and Not Feeling Well and all.

We drove back to North Little Rock from Fayetteville on Friday, so we'd be home when Adam got here. What should have been a 3 hour jaunt ended up taking 4 hours, between the construction and the hail, and Brooklyn was completely over it by hour 2.5 --- but we made it, and I was deeply grateful for new tires and new wiper blades, and that we made it safely. God is good!

Brooklyn (and I!) were very happy to see Adam after two weeks apart. She showed him how she crawls on her hands and knees now, instead of Army-crawling, and got him to let her hold his fingers so she could walk all over the apartment. She stops occasionally, usually at shelves and windows, to just stare - she loves having a taller vantage point!

It was really nice getting to go to church all together as a family on Sunday. Brooklyn stayed in the sanctuary with us during the singing part at the beginning and thought it was absolutely magical. She got to hold the bulletin - and there were people - and a band! She was so excited that she squealed very loudly a few times - thankfully, all appropriate ones (not, say, during a prayer).

She's started asking to have books read to her. She'll get one and bring it to you, and if you pull the pages apart then she'll turn them when prompted. Her current favorite is Snuggle Puppy, a valentine gift from Grandma Sandy. She particularly likes that some of the words are in different colors - she goes through it finding all of the words and pictures in a particular color.

Such a big girl - growing so fast! Every new day is a new adventure - every step she takes holding my hands is a step closer to walking on her own --- I'm so blessed to be able to share Life and Adventures with her!

So, what was your favorite book as a child? My Mum can probably still recite Dr Seuss's ABCs, and I also loved The King with Six Friends for the beautiful illustrations - and Brooklyn's current fave is (of course) Snuggle Puppy.

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