Monday, April 21, 2014


This past weekend was a rare treat: Adam took a couple of days off, and we spent 4 days in Fayetteville, visiting family (and the pediatrician - any tips for upping a mama's calorie intake, when she's gluten free and dairy free?)

While I enjoy trips and don't mind driving myself on them, after a point driving becomes a colossal waste of time. You can't do anything - can't read, can't knit, can't remember that you needed to write a thank you note and just go do it... all you can do is sit. And possibly listen to the radio, or an audio book. So after so many trips to Fayetteville with just Brooklyn and I, it was refreshing to get a little knitting done on the drive. I actually got the front half of a little linen tunic that I'm designing for Brooklyn finished (amazing how quickly things go when you have dedicated time to work on them!) and it promises to be darling.

With so many loving grandparents and great-grandparents anxious to play with her and read her books and let her hold their fingers and walk around, Adam and I were also able to go see a movie in a theatre (usually we settle for an interrupted Redbox flick). We enjoyed the movie (the latest installment of Captain America) and really enjoyed the time spent together (Brooklyn is highly paranoid about ISD and intervenes if she catches us hugging in her presence).

We visited the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning (we haven't explored the one here in Little Rock yet) and attempted family photos... Brooklyn thoroughly disapproved (why did we stop walking? where are the cute doggies? Daddy, will you hold my hands so I can walk?), so we only managed to get one that had even one of us looking at the camera. Maybe next year we'll be able to coordinate a cute dressed-up family picture - in the mean time, individual shots will have to do.

In addition to an adorable sun hat from Terra Tots (see above, in attempted family photo), I found a spectacular book on hand lettering at The Mustache. It's exactly the sort of thing that appeals to me - I've already got plenty of ideas, the first of which is going to be birthday invitations (how is she almost a year old already?!) Brace yourself - I will probably get carried away by the craftiness, and there will probably be pictures.

We enjoyed getting to go to church at UBC (Brooklyn started a riot in the nursery and spent the service walking back and forth in the foyer with Adam) and then having lunch afterward with my parents and grandparents (my Dad surpassed himself with grilled chicken - and he's really good at grilling chicken).

Altogether, it was a weekend well spent! Now we've got one week of normal, Walk for the Waiting on Saturday, and then on Sunday Adam will leave for another month (for the last time in awhile, at least - and a month is much better than the year he'd be gone if he were deploying with the rest of his unit).

Any family Easter traditions that you've carried over into marriage (or plan to, if you get married)?


Knit Nurd said...

Love your pictures! :)

Gracie-Lou said...

I have those same TOMs! We have yet to make it to the farmer's market, but I'm excited to see what goodies they're offering. My hubby's cousin bakes all the Jammin' Java baked goods for Sat. mornings and posts them on facebook (unfortunately, I'm not sure any are GF), and they always look delicious!