Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hello, Spring

Brooklyn's been experimenting with social interactions this week - saying "hi!" to herself in the mirror, giving kisses (complete with "mwah!"), waving a palm branch in (sort of) time with the music during worship on Sunday (to the utter delight of a family sitting behind us), perfecting the crinkled nose to accompany the stuck-out tongue in order to achieve optimal cuteness...

She's also been airing her opinions more - more frequently, and more loudly. "What's in this drawer? I'm going to pull everything out and look at it. Mummy, will you put these shoes on me? What do you mean, They're too small?"

"Daddy, you may touch the shapes, but you cannot stack the shapes or knock them together. If you stack them, I will come from across the room as fast as I can to topple them, and if you knock them together, I'll just have to take them away from you."

She also confirmed that she knows what no means, by dissolving into dramatic tears and sobs when told not to put something in her mouth. Or not to touch the fan. Or to leave the laundry in the laundry basket. And it's not intervention (taking the thing, moving her away from the fan, moving the laundry basket) that causes the melt-down --- it's the word itself. She stops, like she knows she needs to but desperately doesn't want to, and then cries. I can certainly empathize with that!

On the nice days this past week (as opposed to the cold, rainy ones), we walked. She gets excited when I get the stroller out of the car, and she was very pleased to be allowed to carry a pinecone on our last adventure. And she voluntarily did with it as you should do with Nature: observed it carefully for a little while, then returned it to its natural habitat. That was a lesson I never got as a kid - I'd return from walks and hikes having filled everyone's pockets with found treasures.

We're planning a four-day weekend in Fayetteville, and I'm looking forward to reintroducing her to the Farmer's Market (since the last time we went she was a wee little thing and wasn't paying a whole lot of attention), and the chance for the three of us (because Adam managed to get off!) to see family - and to get to knit during the trip instead of having to drive. I'm in the depths of a tiny tunic for Brooklyn that I'm anxious to finish...

In eight more weeks, she'll be a whole year old! It's so amazing how much she's changed and developed in the past ten months, and even in just the past week.

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