Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Busy Bee

Brooklyn's been staying occupied this week (no idea where she might have gotten that from ;) and she gets a little closer to not just pulling up, but stepping away from whatever she's standing against every day. (Sometimes she does try - and then she sits down firmly and unexpectedly, and is usually highly offended).

She came and tried to comfort me last week while I was sick - it really confused her that I was curled up on the couch, and why wouldn't I play with her? and ok then, she'll just come snuggle. It was really sweet (even in the stomach bugged moment).

And she bravely played by herself, occasionally looking over her shoulder at me, a little confused and a little reproachful. Look, Mummy, I have the shapes and I'm playing drums with them on the back of this book! Don't you want to join me?

Speaking of brave, she's begun to be exploratory, and since she can't see as much as she'd like to, the obvious solution is to climb something. She hasn't actually succeeded in climbing anything yet, but she'll get one foot up on it and then stand there uncertainly. OK... now what?

Anything that she can reach, she gets into with great enthusiasm. I heard the distinctive clink of my keys while cooking the other day, and turned to find her industriously rummaging through my purse. After she'd looked at everything, she moved on, curiosity satisfied. She also adores emptying the dishwasher, and throwing all of the silverware on the floor before I can get to it, or her.

Anything that she can't reach, she asks for. Imploringly and pathetically. Sadly, such tactics don't work on me - I give her a kiss and then take a picture of her, and explain why she can't have whatever-it-is (this week, it's been pizza, a knife, my cell phone, and a mug full of hot tea).

Adam, on the other hand, is probably a perfect target for such tactics (although I don't think she's tried them on him yet - it doesn't usually come to that). She just has to hold her hand and say, "Ah Da!" imperiously and he comes and lets her hold his fingers so that she can walk, or rescues her toy from under the crib, or reads the book she wants, or whatever.

She's developed a definite preference for books with stories - not the silly ones that are pictures labelled "cat" or "blue." She'll help me gather them all into a stack, and then scoot herself into my lap and we'll read them all. If we get to one that she doesn't want to read right then, she'll pull it out of my hands and lay it on the "read" stack, otherwise, she sits back and listens (except that there's one page of Snuggle Puppy where she always has to touch the dog's nose - and it bugs her that the font cover illustration of Baby Owls doesn't ever actually appear in the book. Every time we get to a similar picture, she looks at the cover to compare it).

She's going and growing like mad, and getting cuter every day. It's supposed to be warmer today than it has been, so I'm thinking about taking a blanket to the park and letting her explore grass and sticks and pine cones... we've playing with the same toys all Winter, but Nature is always changing and never gets boring.

What are you most looking forward to with the advent of warmer weather?

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