Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Nine months old! That's 3/4 of a year - and we're nearly back around to the season she was born in.

We have seized the warmer weather these past few days and spent some time outside. There are several lovely stroller-friendly trails nearby that we've really been enjoying.

Our favorite is a section of the Arkansas River Trail - it's lined with friendly wildlife. We saw deer that just stood and stared back, and got within a few feet of armadillos who never even realized we were there. Brooklyn wasn't really sure what to think of the strange grey thing rooting through the leaves and snuffling loudly.

She's gotten to where she can co-hold things without dropping them (she carried a piece of mail all the way from the box at one end of our complex, back to our apartment - without letting go or putting it in her mouth) and she delights in doing so. I don't mind her hanging on to things that are already in the cart - it keeps her from taking it upon herself to add items. Her desire to participate is somewhat strong, and denial results in a mini-fit.

She's certainly getting Ideas - everything she does, she does with deliberate thoughtfulness. Most of it I don't understand (like this maneuver a few day ago - sit in my lap, take a shape, leave it on the floor somewhere, come back... repeat) but I don't doubt that she has a plan of some sort.

We've been reading quite a bit. She likes her books - scraping the page in her board version of Hound of the Baskervilles that says "Boots... scrape," slowly but surely memorizing Sheep in a Jeep, giggling uncontrollably over the letter "I"  --- but sometimes she wants to look at the Big Books, too. We've read the first page of several of mine - that's about as far as we get before she decides that she has other, more important things to do.

The sunshine and warmer weather has woken us both up - I'm looking forward to all sorts of outdoor adventures!

So - where should we start? Any idea for things to do outside with a 9 month old?
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