Sunday, March 9, 2014


From the Middle English word for springtime, we derive our word for the span of time between repentant Ash Wednesday and glorious Resurrection Sunday, the gradual dawn of the world (and the heart)-Spring's awakening from Winter sleep. I love contemplative transformation... it makes me want to write poetry. The crescendo of Dark to Light, loss to victory, Death to Life, despair to hope - my heart soars with the lyrics and I reach for a coffee sleeve (my preferred poetry-writing medium) and my favorite poetry-writing pen (yes, I have a designated pen).

I hope to post a relic of this time of examination each Sunday of Lent. This first week, if you will indulge me --- a poem...


In icy grip
the frozen ground
with snowy chains
is Winter-bound;
Stunted, held - old life wasted, new life kept
from springing forth by the bitter hand of Death.

In darkened dreams
the weary bones
still, lie and wait
for Hope to come...
But with apparent triumph, Darkness falls:
deeply blinding, binding - now, shrouded all.

Silence shattered!
Wren-song bursts,
bright Life taunts Death
to do his worst;
Vanquished, the Darkness flees, for Death has died -
eternal risen Word speaks for our side.

Deathless, He died
to win us Life;
Priest, King, Prophet -
He ended strife.
A law of perfect Love before us laid,
grateful, by Grace alone we can be saved.

Sacrifice and
Priest, in One -
before the Father
stands the Son;
Fasting, we join Him in the wilderness,
forty days, humbled by His righteousness.

Take a moment this week to observe the passing of Winter and the onset of Spring (even if it's only the promise of Spring, buried somewhere under all of the snow!)
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