Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just Like You

Brooklyn's started being very adamant about wanting to Be Big. She's gotten quite good at sitting in chairs - she loves the backs of chairs (they're all different! where ever you go!) and she likes sitting up straight and looking around. See, I'm a Person, too!

She's been exploring on her own of late - to some extent. She likes being able to go and get into things, but her favorite place to be is sitting on our laps, playing with a toy. If it flies out of her hand, out of her reach, then she gets really creative trying to get it back without getting out of our reach.

[I love how red and curly her hair is in this photo!]

Oddly, she still enjoys car rides (she prefers Adam's truck, because she can see out the window, but she doesn't mind my car) maybe because they usually end in getting out and seeing people. He took her to Auto Zone last night and commented on how much she loved standing in line - a bored captive audience is the perfect target in her quest to spread happiness.

She wants to be a part of whatever we're doing, and we include her as much as possible. If I'm reading, I'll read aloud. If I'm listening to a podcast or watching a video clip, we listen and watch together. Sadly, any attempt to write in her presence results in a vigorous attempt on her part to close the computer or eat the pen - so I save the journaling segment of my quiet time for when she falls asleep in the car just as we get to where we're going (which happens a lot).

I love what a Little Person she is - with opinions and thoughts (that she adamantly tries to share)... and they develop a little more with each passing day! She sees what we're doing and wants to do it, too - and she also has ideas of her own (like, how much fun it is to flip the springy doorstoppers...) Adorable!

We took her to our church's Ash Wednesday service this afternoon, and she did fairly well (a few ill-timed squeals, but at least they were happy squeals). Do you let your children participate in services and events?

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Kayla said...

Yes! :) Ae very much wants to "do" whatever he can with us. We've kept him in Sunday morning service since he was born... and while it hasn't always been easy, from this vantage point it has totally been worth it. I love when older ladies comment about how fun he is to watch grow up or how sweet he is. I would miss that if he was in the nursery... and it does my momma heart a lot of good.