Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Brooklyn has developed a camera smile - I usually prefer candid shots, but this is too cute not to love. She also pulls it out when she's considering doing something that she thinks she shouldn't do. Hi, Mummy! I'm so adorable you're gonna just let me do whatever... right?

She still likes to sit in my lap and play, but she's quickly realizing that there's more she can do if she's out of reach. Like pull games out of the game cabinet. Or try to eat my running shoes (ew). Or choose her own book off the bookshelf. Or adjust the temperature on the space heater so that it blows continuously and she can sit in front of it (I'll join her in that one).

My weather source is ready for Spring and in denial - it's consistently 10-15 degrees cooler than predicted. We've been having to walk indoors this week --- but right now it's almost 55 so I have a droplet of hope that we will actually attain the predicted high of 63.

Inside has become boring. Brooklyn is creative - mastering the space heater, collecting only blue things, finding the blocks that match what she's wearing that day... but really there are only so many times that I can build a tower and she can knock it down before we're both ready to throw the blocks instead, and we're both happier outside.

Outside, there's more to do without actually needing to do anything. Sitting quietly on a blanket in the shade, looking out over the water (maybe chewing on a water bottle lid...) is simultaneously more calming and more stimulating than the brightest and blinkiest of toys.

Next week I'll be posting from Fayetteville - we're planning to visit during the UofA's Spring Break, since Adam is out of town at an Army school. Little Rock is becoming home, but I'm definitely looking forward to a week in Fayetteville!

Karrilee won last week's giveaway :)

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