Monday, February 17, 2014

Things I've Learned

A few life-lessons from the past week...

1. A boy and his comforter are not soon parted. I think Adam's had this one for about 10 years - besides not being the prettiest of things to begin with (masculine, practical, and inexpensive would probably be the best descriptors) it had also seen a fair amount of abuse and had some off-colored spots that wouldn't wash out.

You'll notice, though, that I'm able to refer to it in the past tense. Our compromise was a new bedspread of my choosing (he gave some input, and I bravely didn't even suggest the deep purple one) if we could get jersey sheets to go with it. And everyone's happy with the end result. :)

2. If you pray for community, your church may offer a quilting workshop the next Saturday. I will probably be the youngest person there, which is perfectly fine with me - and if I'm not, then I've already got something in common with her (mutual enjoyment of fiber-craft and appreciation for the wisdom of our elders).

3. When it's late at night and your yarn-winding partner is asleep, an upside down stool will do to hold your yarn, in a pinch (I do own a swift, and a ball winder - but they're packed... somewhere).

4. Those trays I made awhile ago out of duct and Washi tape work really well to muffle the sound of dice rolling, when we want to play a round of Yahtzee while Brooklyn naps.

5. Speaking of which, I am now filled with a desire to stick Washi tape on every blank surface that I encounter. It may be some sort of addiction...

What about you? Have you learned anything new this week?


Lisa said...

I love quilting group!! I joined one in my neighborhood and I'm the youngest as well. Often I enjoy my time there much more than many events with my same-aged peers.

Also oddly enough, hubby bought me new sheets for my birthday to replace his years-old jersey knit ones. We might be living parallel lives here.

Julie said...

Love this! Especially about the quilting group. I couldn't quilt to save my life. :) I learned that friends are SUCH a breath of fresh air and gift, I learn and relearn that constantly. I learned I want to be closer to family, but it's just not that simple! Oh, life..

Jennifer said...

I have learned I need to make a board out of duct and washi tape so my kids can more quietly play Yahtzee! I had no idea it muffled the sound! Brilliant. Pure Brilliant.