Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Snowy Day

It's cold here today, so we're sitting on the floor in Brooklyn's room with a space heater, the sunshine, and a warm pile of laundry, and pretending that everything outside isn't crystal-ly coated in ice.

I actually made it through the entire month of January knitting the sky (I think that may be a record - the only year-long project I've actually stuck with up to this point was the photo-a-day one). I'm looking forward to having the finished scarf, and seeing how the balance of blues and greys changes throughout the year. I'm still loving all of the colors I chose - can't beat Koigu and Blue Sky Alpacas!

Since Adam had Drill this past weekend, Brooklyn and I decided to spend a day or two in Fayetteville. Saturday we got some errands run and some people seen (she was especially delighted to have dinner with Carolyn - she kept emitting highly socially-inappropriate squeals).

And then on Sunday it snowed. and it snowed. and it snowed some more. And by a fascinating combination of events, we ended up at my parents' house, without my car, snowed in. Thankfully, the school that Adam was supposed to leave for for three weeks on Monday morning (and I was his ride to the airport) got moved to a later date, so we were able to stay without worrying. My parents and grandparents enjoyed getting to see Brooklyn a little extra --- I felt bad; because of the snow, we weren't able to get out to see Adam's parents. But that's a good excuse to visit again soon. :)

I got some reading and some knitting done - and, since my sewing machine is at my Mum's, I was able to infinitize a couple of my rectangular scarves. I'm really pleased with how they turned out - especially the yellow Joyn one - and I've already worn them both. And resolved not to buy any more rectangular scarves, no matter how cute they are.

On Monday, Dad and I ventured forth to see what there was to see. We took the hilliest, shadiest route (to test the badness of the roads) and had a coffee date (to give the roads more time to thaw). It was very nice - when he taught me to drive, we would get coffee, and then after I learned we still kept doing it every week. It's a tradition I've kind of missed (I had also missed coffee that is prepared by someone who is passionate about it).

We got my car (which is to say, Dad warmed it up and got all the snow off, then drove it up to the road, ready to go, and told me which route to take and followed me back to my parents' house) successfully, and we made a break for Little Rock while the sun was out that afternoon.

Adam and Brooklyn were very glad to see each other, and it was nice to be back home and not having to do laundry every night (because we hadn't brought enough clothes for a stay that long).

Then we spent the next day iced in at our apartment, but we were home and it's all melted today, so that's ok. Now we're back on our usual routine, and planning and preparing for my favorite holiday <3 And before you go, will you please click here and help the Arkansas Children's Hospital prepare by creating a valentine for one of their patients? They're trying to get 35,000 by the 14th - enough that each kid can have a stack to brighten their day.

So, any adventures to recount after all of the wild and wintery weather the US (in particular) has been experiencing this season?

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