Monday, February 10, 2014

My Paper Heart

Less than a week to go! For celebrating and preparing for, Valentine's Day is my favorite, hands-down. After all, no one really expects it to be made that big a deal of (OK, we've been trained to expect there to be flowers and chocolate and diamonds and dinner out, but how often does it really look like the chick flicks?), which gives me a wonderful chance to get creative, plus I like hearts better than holly.

[heart earrings by Byrd, from The Four-Legged Bird in Fayetteville]

I like to celebrate my holidays progressively (really now, who came up with this one-day thing? That's no fun!) so I started by leaving a note in Adam's luggage (he's out of town 'til Friday). He's a compulsive repacker, so that's actually kind of a challenge (I ended up burying it deep in his check bag when I was up at 3am feeding Brooklyn the night before he left), but I succeeded and he didn't find it until he unpacked everything at his destination point.

So I'll have the perfect note when I need one, I stock up every year from every local paper shop I can find (local is the best, because it's local, and because there is a large selection of blank-inside love-themed stuff that doesn't necessarily have the word "valentine" on it) and keep them all in a chocolate tin from our first Valentine's Day together. That way, I'm prepared for impulsive note-leaving - and sometimes digging through my stash inspires me to write one for no particular reason!

But my favorite yearly quest is The Book. Beginning with "Plant a Kiss" the first year we were married, every year I get him a kid's book and then alter it - I write in the margins, circle and underline text, and embellish the illustrations. I do my best to keep it kid-friendly, so that they can still be read to Brooklyn (and any future kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, or other visiting small persons) - because besides being a way to tell Adam how much he means to me, I also want it to be a way for Brooklyn to see how much I love her Daddy. It enables me to get a lot more creative, and personal, than just a card would, and it's more keepable, too - someday, years from now, I'd love for there to be a shelf full of books.

This year's was one of the first I picked up (but Brooklyn and I sat in the floor and read through a stack, just to make sure ;) and I loved it because all of the illustrations are stunning photos of painted rocks. They're really pretty, the format of the book itself sparked lots of ideas for what I could add, and it seemed like an appropriate way to commemorate our move to Little Rock.

Initially, he was going to be gone all this month and I was planning to sneak it into his suitcase to find - but dates were changed and he'll be home that day, so I'm spending this week slowly working my way through it, and then Thursday when we get home (Brooklyn and I are visiting family in Fayetteville while Adam's away) I can write in his card (I already wrote what I'm going to write in my perpetual Notebook while Brooklyn was napping in the car the other day, so I just need to transfer it) and then implement some of the other ideas I had before we pick him up Friday afternoon.

This has been made into such a commercialized, consumeristic event, but it has so much potential for a creative, unique, and personal touch! How do you plan to share your love this year?

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Lisa said...

I love these ideas! Especially altering the books. So cute!