Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Goings and Doings

Such a big girl! She's really enjoying the time we've spent visiting grandparents and great-grandparents this week (I mean, who wouldn't love all of the attention?)

We were able to see Adam's family this trip, which was awesome. Grandma Sandy had a wonderful time playing with and reading to Brooklyn (who amiably decided not to cry on sight of Grandpa Alan, like last time) and Brooklyn thought it was hilarious to sit in a market bag (that did at least distract her from trying to get her Uncle Robert's water bottle. Surrounded by toys, she sprawled over them to get to it...)

She's gotten into and underneath a lot of things this past week... sitting in a laundry basket is a great indignity (not really sure why, but it is intensely offensive) but sitting under the laundry basket is hilarious, and had the added bonus of preventing her from unfolding everything as soon as I folded it. Why is it so much more fun to unfold the neatly stacked tea towels than it is to fold them?

It was also fun helping me clean the bathroom - she sat on the edge of the sink while I cleaned the sink, then in the sink with a couple of baby-safe silicon bracelets from Terra Tots while I cleaned the rest of the bathroom. I'm looking forward to when she's big enough to actually participate in tasks, instead of just being contained nearby.

We've had an enjoyable visit - I know that Brooklyn will be sad to go home (as will I, but it's a harder transition for her, to go back with one person who has things to do during the day besides give Full and Undivided Attention, as opposed to a rotation of people who can take turns playing and reading aloud).

But I'm very much looking forward to picking Adam up from the airport on Friday - it will be good to be whole again (and right before a three-day weekend!)

I realize we're aways off from this, but any suggestions for gateway homemaking tasks for littles?

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