Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Further Up and Further In

It's been a week of exploration. Since Brooklyn perfected the Army-crawl (and I mean perfected - she's fast!) I've been systematically going through our apartment and clearing things out of her reach.

I've also gotten creative with containment methods. I hate to put her in the pack 'n' play all the time - but I need to eat periodically, and I like to have the kitchen clean when Adam gets home.  She had a grand time playing in the water, though, after she figured out how to turn it on.

This... I have no idea how this happened. I was sitting right next to her, reading outloud, and then she started making little distressed noises and patting my leg. Help... Mummy... I can't go anywhere... it's got me!

She's reasonably content to sit in roughly the same spot and play by herself - but only if I'm not in the same room. Thankfully, her room is clearly visible from the kitchen, so I can keep an eye on her without her noticing. We did have fun doing laundry - I sorted and folded, and she laid on the piles to keep them from escaping.

Slowly - hopefully - there are beginning to be warmer days mixed in with the bone-chilling cold ones. There are lots of nice trails around here (except that they don't go anywhere, like to a coffee shop, like the ones in Fayetteville do) so at some point I need to wrestle her stroller downstairs so we can go on outdoor adventures. We'll both enjoy that, I think. :)

The consistent cloudiness of the past month has made me really grateful for the sunny days - even if there are some fluffy clouds casting the occasional shadow, it's still more encouraging than the flatly grey days.

So much to explore, so few hours in the day! I'm looking forward to longer days, with more sunshine and less snow, and new adventures exploring the wide world outside (instead of being confined to a few too-familiar rooms that grow old after awhile).

Mamas, how do you contain a mobile person who doesn't have a firm grasp on the word no yet?

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Lisa said...

Oh I remember that phase! The "Jumparoo"/exersaucer type thing was our friend during that time. My son loved all of the lights, sounds, and toys on it and loved jumping. I also had him in the baby carrier a lot which would also lull him to sleep!