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Clothes, Hair, and a Giveaway

I have noticed a disturbing trend in "mommy fashion" - an imbalance in styles and beliefs. There seems to either be the camp of "Well, why can't you take a shower and style your hair and put on a full face of make-up and some pretty jewelry and a cute pair of heels every morning? It's just a baby." That's unrealistic. And then there's the other side of the coin: yoga pants and a ponytail. It may be comfortable, but that becomes depressing (to me) after a point.

Surely there is a middle ground. For the sake of my husband and my own dignity, I'm going to try to find it. So, behold this week's attempt at Mommy Fashion. I've discovered several  things over the past 8 months that are important when planning an outfit for a day spent with an unpredictable Tiny Person, and I'll try to share one each week.

This week? Scarves. Scarves are wonderful. If you get washable ones, they can prove highly entertaining to a baby, and they can cover (or take, shielding your shirt) any spots or stains produced by the baby. It's an easy way to dress up a casual T - or, if you have several, it's a great way to hide the fact that you wear the same three shirts in rotation (that's how I made it through the last couple of months being pregnant, when I only had a few tops that still fit). So prebaby and postbaby, scarves are awesome!

I also enjoy the quest of finding them - this particular one is a Joyn scarf that I saw in the window while walking past The Mustache. I seamed the ends together (that's where the fringe is) to make an infinity scarf. It also fit two of my accessory buying parameters: fair trade, and local. Yes, I could get one cheaper at a big box store - but with this, I know that it didn't come from a sweatshop, and I can build a relationship with the business owner as I make my purchase. Try to think beyond yourself when buying non-necessities - consider your needs and your budget, but also consider the way that you will be impacting others (for good, or for bad). Our consumeristic culture has created a world that has more slaves than ever before, and modeled a concept of Utopia that involves digital communication and delivery drones so that we would never have to interact with a physical human being --- let's join the effort to change that way of thinking!

Everything I do, I do intentionally and for a reason (Adam learned that quickly, after consistently losing arguments. The arguing bit is a flaw, and one that I'm prayerfully working on), including growing out my hair. Not because I have a religious conviction about it being long... my belief is one of stewardship. I have slick-straight hair that I can't style and don't dye, that grows quickly. I could keep it trimmed short - but when there are women who have lost their hair because of chemotherapy, it seems like a waste to just throw it away. So last week, for the second time, I joyfully lopped off a ponytail to send to Beautiful Lengths and celebrated with a cute, short haircut (which I will immediately begin to grow out).

And finally... whenever I find something that I like, that works for me, or that strikes me as being important, I want to share it. That's kind of where this blog came from - a way to share the things that I love and value. And here's something that I like so much that I want to share it with you - the thing, not just the link or the concept. Krafty Kash is making limited-edition necklaces through Mother's Day to support Lisa-Jo's Maubane Community Center Project - half the purchase price goes to the project - and I couldn't resist. I chose pray for myself because that's something that I need to be reminded to do (sadly. I'm looking forward to a time when talking to my heavenly Father is a delight and not a chore...) Thus far it's proven pretty, versatile, it's working as a reminder and Brooklyn enjoys holding it (but not putting it in her mouth). What's not to love?

Giveaway time! Comment (you can also comment on Facebook) and tell me if you'd prefer brave, pray, or family (and why you chose that word) and next Monday I'll randomly select a commenter to send a necklace to.*
{Update! Kashoan has changed the words to better reflect the project - now she's doing love, home, and mother, instead}

*no one asked me to do this, nor am I being paid or compensated in any way - it's just too awesome to keep to myself!


Rebekah M. said…
I was struck by this necklace when you posted it on Instagram, so I'll throw my name in for a fun (and sweetly generous!) gift. :-)

I would choose 'Family,' as that's where I'm learning to focus more of my time and effort these days. Keeping the kitchen floor swept isn't as important as playing with my son on the floor, and learning a complicated new recipe isn't as valuable as enjoying a simple meal at the table with my husband. It's those little things that we treasure over time about Family, and it's Family that I'm seeking to treasure more than the little things.
Tracy said…
How fun! I have been so challenged by your practice of shopping local. Not easy to do when there are three kiddos in tow, but we're making progress. :)

I would choose "Pray" because I also need that reminder. I too often try to do things and fix problems in my own strength instead of stopping to pray. :)
Hannah said…
I will choose pray, because when I am in trouble, I need to first run to God in prayer, rather than running to people or things for help.

Kayla said…
I *love* this idea. So very "you." :)

Hmm. Each of these words could find some pretty deep meaning in my current life season, but I would say "family" is the top pick. Here's why:

We live hundreds of miles from either side of the family. There are many times I wish we were closer and could pop in for a visit so they could see how Ae's growing. At the same time, our distance forces me to be intentional about sending updates and reminders of our love for them -- something I struggle to do on a regular basis.

And, finally, I am learning the significance of the Family God builds. His Body is a delightful masterpiece, a privilege I often take for granted. All ethnicities and languages brought near by the blood. What an amazing thing our adoption truly is.
Kelsey Ferguson said…
You are so sweet, Sarah Jo! I would choose 'brave.' For me being brave is synonymous with trusting God. When my trust is in Him, it is a lot easier to be courageous and do the work that is asked of me. Thank you so much for hosting this away giveaway! :)

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