Thursday, January 16, 2014

Teeth and Nails

The greatest development of the past week has been the discovery of two teeth - the middle ones, on the bottom. The list of things that Brooklyn is allowed to chew on has now been shortened (fingers are no longer on it - those tiny teeth are sharp!) and she's started to point at our teeth and giggle. See! I'm a big person, too!

At her weight check today, they decreed that she is gaining well. It was just as well that we drove to Fayetteville for that, because I haven't been able to find a single store here that carries the rice cereal she eats (everything else has either gluten or dairy). I even checked a couple of places in Fayetteville, while we were there - apparently, the only place that carries it is the WalMart supercenter on Joyce. So I stocked up. :)

She's made noticeable improvements in her ability to sit up unassisted, and she's still practicing getting up on her hands and knees and rocking. I don't mind her waiting to be mobile until we've got everything unpacked and in place --- although, I should probably get on that...

Adam helped with the gettin'-settled over the weekend, by organizing the things that haven't been unpacked yet and hanging things up (because he's very good at getting things level and centered, and because if they're not level and centered, it will drive him crazy). As with all things, babies and moving-in alike, it's hard to see progress in the moment --- but I'm sure that we'll suddenly look up and find that it's all together (and that Brooklyn is across the room, taking it all apart ;)

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