Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sweet Stuff

It's been a banner week for Brooklyn - plenty of outings and adventures, meeting another Brooklyn who works at Anthropologie (they thoroughly approved of each other), and today she got to hold the stamps at the Post Office (and was so delighted that she forgot to put them in her mouth, and just clutched them tightly with both hands).

Right now she's enjoying a bucket full of socks and shapes, and still persistently snubbing one of two apparently identical green squares (she is convinced that only one of them is acceptable).

I'm enjoying a delicious gluten free/dairy free gingerbread cookie from our morning outing, and doing a little research on the Little Rock local bakery where we got it.

Dempsey Bakery was founded by Paula Dempsey in 2011, after several members of her family were diagnosed with gluten intolerance and food allergy related illnesses. She noticed an improvement in her own health after going gluten-free for her husband, and the bakery itself is free of gluten, wheat, soy, and nuts, and many of their products are also dairy and egg free. When I spoke with Paula this morning, I found that they also avoid corn and tapioca starches - and that she is an avid knitter. I'm thinking this bakery might be a good inspiration for another Local Flavor design (and that would give me an excuse to get one of their cute Tshirts!)

They have desserts,  pastries, pizzas and breads, and serve a lunch of sandwiches and soups. Their inviting seating area is lined with adorable portraits of Dempsey family members, and the windows of the downtown shop have a clear view of the Capitol building. They also create stunning (dairy free!) birthday cakes - I plan to get one for Brooklyn's and my birthday in June, and sample the rest of their menu in the meantime. It will also be a great place to take my parents when they come to visit, since my Mum has Celiac and can't eat out.

It's exciting to find brick-and-mortar businesses here - adventures are so much better when they involve local shops that can become friends in themselves. I value knowing that what I spend there is supporting the local economy, and Brooklyn delights in Going, Doing, Visiting, and of course, stopping people in their tracks to admire her happy sweetness ;)

Anyone in Little Rock or who frequents Little Rock, what brick-and-mortar business should I explore next?

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