Monday, January 20, 2014


The past week has been all off - Brooklyn and I daytripped to Fayetteville on Wednesday, then we all went to Fayetteville for a visit on Friday/Saturday, then Adam had today off (making it seem like a Sunday). I've gotten to focus more on the phileo "fun love" and less on the housewifely things, so this will be a short post (there will be a longer one on Wednesday, with the rest of the hiking pictures from today :)

We (that would be Adam, mostly, but I directed a little) finally got all of our artwork, pictures, and cork boards hung up (as of today). Brooklyn's room and one solitary cork board that I had painted with chalkboard paint years ago were the last pieces hung - and a lovely gift from a friend in Fayetteville, that got the place of honor by the front door, where it will be seen coming and going.

A little bit of crafting was done - did you know that if you print text (mine was Calibri at 14 points - I'd recommend using a fairly straight-forward font, not much smaller than that), then cut it out and cover it up with Washi tape, it will still show through? I made a couple of gratitude journals using that technique and was really pleased with how they turned out. It allowed me to center a larger amount of legible text than just trying to handwrite on the tape itself would have.

[As a side note, on the topic of successes, there are currently three near-microscopic sprouts of sedum in the terrarium!]

Finally, on the subject of journals, I've been faithfully keeping up with the line-a-day journal I was given in early December, but I've hit a quandary. I want to give it to Brooklyn when she's older (like, grown) so I want to be honest - but how honest should I be? I don't want to complain (or at least, record my complaints for someone to reread later), but some days are rough and there's not much in the way of happiness and rainbows to write about. I'm trying not to give her an artificially saccharine view of our life - after all, marriage and motherhood are both highly sanctifying experiences - but, I also don't want to present an inaccurately awful perspective.

Any advice on presenting a balanced viewpoint, for the sake of those who look back later?

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