Friday, January 10, 2014


It's Five Minute Friday! Five minutes of writing on the prompt provided by the lovely Lisa-Jo, no stopping or editing allowed, and then encouraging others who have written! Join us and find out more details here.

Seeing is believing - or is it? Magic tricks, sleight of hand, optical illusions, even the way that coming around a corner and unexpectedly encountering my reflection makes me jump... what we think we see and what's actually there are often two very different things. Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to photograph a small flower? Because you perceive it to be important, it appears to be larger and more prominent than it really is - but the emotionless camera lens will give the same focus to everything and put the little blossom in its insignificant place. Then, too. there are things like dyslexia and color blindness that alter perception - or just the way that three women can look at the same shirt, and one will say it's red, another orange, and the other pink (and with every photo filtered through Instagram, you really can't be sure of the original color of anything).

I struggle to view my, well, struggles, through a camera-like lens - to view them as part of a bigger picture, one where I'm not actually the focal point. To recognize that sometimes (more like "all the time") God has a plan that I don't know all, if any, of. I've seen how apparent catastrophes in the lives of people that I don't even know have deeply affected me, personally - but in my little moment, whatever I'm going through overwhelms me, and I become an ant cowering in the shadow of a roiling storm cloud.

But it's when I close my eyes that I can see the clearest. Then I can block out all the misperceptions that spring from hopelessness and an utter lack of faith and just focus on His voice, listening to the Word of an invisible God, clinging to His promises with everything I've got, and refusing to look at the waves that churn around me - because if I take the gaze of my heart off of Him, I will sink. I will be overwhelmed by what I see as the greatness of the troubles around me --- forgetting that He is greater than them all.

Has there ever been a time in your life, or are you in such a season right now, that what you thought you saw and what was actually happening were two very different things?


Patty Mejia Burke said...

There have been too many times that I can't see the reality because I'm too busy behind the fear. My husband has cancer and he's in the hospital right now with pneumonia, but thank God, I'm able to see what's really happening and that Ron is exactly where he needs to be. Thank you for sharing - found you through 5MF.

Charissa Steyn said...

Beautiful reminder. I love that part...we see when we close our eyes. Love that.