Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Home

Three cheers for internet! We're beginning to feel a bit more settled now - Brooklyn loves the soft, thick carpet, and (after the first night, which was a kinda rough) seems to be enjoying her new room. We set it up close to how it was before, to make it as familiar as possible. And Adam is here, since he doesn't start at his new job until tomorrow - and having Daddy Bear makes everything better.

We finished our packing over the weekend (toward the end we got a little sloppy - between illness, time constraints, and plain ol' demotivation, there ended up being several rather large boxes with "random stuff" written on the sides), then spent a couple of nights with my parents while Adam, his brother, and my Dad brought all of our things down here.

The storage unit was full, the moving truck was full, and our apartment was (and to some extent still is) a chaotic clutter of boxes. But Adam has been making extraordinary progress (I haven't been a whole lot of help, since about all I've felt like doing is curling up into a ball on something semi-soft and blowing my nose at far too frequent intervals), so we have an assembled and organized kitchen, all of his clothes are put away, our dining area is set up, and all of the living room furniture is in place.

My contributions thus far have been small: knowing where our new candle and a box of matches were both packed, so we could make our apartment smell less like New Apartment and more like ours...

...and testing the bathtub (the water pressure is excellent and the water itself will get plenty hot ;) and helping choose a new shower curtain (a London public transportation map).

After arranging the kitchen, Adam made dinner (which I think contributed to Brooklyn's sleeping better last night - her normal evening routine, and the familiar scent of his awesome food!) and we paused to play a board game afterwards. After all, we're planning on being here for awhile - there's no point in stressing about getting everything in place.

Of course, we're alternating which of us disregards that bit of wisdom, but we're trying to encourage/slow down each other when needed. I've already paid a good deal of penance, in the form of stubbed toes, for my reluctance to collect my thoughts (and my things).

A new place means new adventures. Soon we'll head off to try to locate Whole Foods (I'm going to miss Ozark Natural Foods...) and someplace that sells kitchen trashcans. There are so many funny little things, and things that we just take for granted, in our everyday lives!

Because I recently discovered that there are different opinions on the subject, are you a labeller of boxes or no? also, why or why not?

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Kayla said...

Yes! We label boxes...

But I label boxes differently than dear husband. He labels with the box's contents, I label with the designated room if at all possible! :)