Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Brooklyn is becoming very interested in similarities and differences between herself and us. She's noticed that we have more teeth than she does - that I have a retainer and Adam doesn't - that my hands and fingers are much larger than hers - and that we all sit in chairs around the table. She's fascinated by the differences, but she loves the ways we're all alike. :)

We had a lovely long weekend all together (three cheers for Federal jobs with Federal holidays!) so we used our extra day to go hiking at Pinnacle Mountain.

Adam carried Brooklyn the whole 2-plus mile loop, and she thought that it was absolutely spectacular (that being said, she thinks that most things are absolutely spectacular. Nothing makes her squeal like the cranky captive audience she finds in a post office line.) She enjoyed being carried by Adam, and sitting on rocks with me.

Because I was the one carrying the camera, there are a lot of pictures of things you would see if you were looking downward as you walked (I promise that I look up, too - it's just easier to take pictures of the little close things and remember the more distant ones).

It is strangely exhausting to be carried several miles through the woods, and although she won the battle against Sleep during the actual hike, she succumbed almost as soon as we reached the car.

The weather was extraordinary (amazing what happens when you shift Southward a little...) on Monday, but a little cooler the days before (it is, after all, January), so we played creative dominoes - creative, because we took the leaf out of our table and that doesn't leave much room for a spread-out game. Brooklyn observed the game, and offered suggestions (most of which included letting her play - a request that we denied).

She took it well. Lately, everything is either silly or exciting, as opposed to distressing, which is fine with me. I like getting some of the smiles and the giggles, since it seems like she usually saves them for everyone else. :)

What were your favorite long-weekend family activities as a kid (or what do you wish you'd done)? What are they now?

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