Monday, January 27, 2014

Color Burst

I'm taking a blog-break from Doing Things while Brooklyn practices peace in her room. I haven't gotten a whole lot of anything much done for the past week --- it looked like the deployment on which Adam's new job depends had been cancelled and we might be moving again (it wasn't. Apparently someone along the chain of command didn't read the entire email) and that wasn't terribly motivating.

While I was being not-motivated, I did at least get some knitting done. I'm doing a knit-a-long on Ravelry, and I've got the first sock in a pair completed for that - I'm going to try to finish the second one this week, since I have a deadline project that I'll be working on starting next week.

To make up for lost time, this morning I tackled my side of our closet. I had packed most of my clothes in brown paper bags, and then I had wrapped my shoes in plastic bags and layered them in with the clothes. So the closet floor (and our bedroom floor... and my dresser...) were piled with bags of clothes, most of which had one side torn out because I was looking for something.

Success! I deliberately and ruthlessly took out everything that I don't wear/that doesn't fit - why do we keep clothes that fall into those categories?! and the rest are arranged in my favorite system: rainbow order. One entire trash bag full of things that are stained and torn went to the compacter, and another entire bag is ready to be donated.

I also dumped out all of my scarves and sorted them. There are sadly few in the square, triangular, and infinity categories (sadly, because I know what to do with those shapes) and an overwhelming quantity of lovely rectangles that I have no idea how to style. Some of them I can make into infinity scarves as soon as I get my sewing machine - others (like a pretty turquoise silk one that an Indian knitting student brought me from India) I'd like to leave as-is.

Brooklyn "helped" me with the scarves. She had a grand and hilarious time putting one on her head and looking through the thin weave, for awhile, and then she decided that she needed to try a different one. I saved a couple of fun ones that I never wear for her to play with when she gets a little older.

There are only a few things in our room that are still out of place, and then that leaves just one more room to tackle before everything's in place. But I accomplished my primary goal today: get the floor cleared so that I can vacuum tomorrow (when it's supposed to be too-cold-to-go-out).

So, any styling tips for a rectangular scarf? (Keeping in mind that it will be worn with jeans and long-sleeved T)

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