Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Brooklyn's getting pretty well re-settled into her old routine in our new place. A few things are consistently different - like, when Adam gets home (much earlier than before!) - but we've fairly well got a schedule back.

Unpacking is still happening slowly but surely. Brooklyn isn't a whole lot of help (it's not very fun to watch Mummy put things away, apparently), but she does at least enjoy tasting random things - and co-holding. She's not interested in actually carrying anything, but she loves to hang onto on corner of something while you carry it. It's not the least bit helpful, but it is very cute.

Her shelf was the first that I got unpacked and back on my bookcase, but over the course of this afternoon, I got the rest it unpacked and in place, which is a good feeling.

There's a mess of artwork propped up in awkward places, underneath where we'd like to hang it when Adam gets a chance, probably over the upcoming weekend.

Brooklyn has decided that sitting up unassisted is not a worthwhile pursuit, and has been experimenting with locomotion, instead. She gets up on her hands and knees... then dives onto her stomach, like she's trying to fly, Superman-style. It does actually move her forward slightly each time - but she always goes into counterclockwise circles, keeping one hand on her cushion the whole time.

That is, when she's not vigorously protesting my attempts to establish order. I suspect she'll be an extrovert, as she's most happy when she's being directly engaged by a live human being, preferably in a way that includes physical contact. That causes my introverted nature some anguish at times (usually around 3pm in the afternoon).

Random kitchen utensils usually get us through the morning (why are grown-up toys so much more entertaining than ones designed for kids?), so I can get us both fed, clean up the kitchen from the night before/breakfast, drink my tea and read a chapter or two from my Bible.

And finally: toes. No other caption needed.

Any other mums of kids who take personal offense at any attempt you make to Get Things Done? Advice? Encouragement? Prayer?


~melly said...

yup. get a woven wrap or mei tai, and do back carries. easiest way possible that i ever found. and talking to them the whole time. :)

Kayla said...

Yes! Ae despised being left alone or un-interacted-with for more than 30 seconds, particularly before he got the movement thing down.

Maybe that's Miss B's thing? She might settle a bit once she can follow you. Of course, that means a whole new adventure for Mum, but it just might bring the sense of relief you're longing for.

Good news! They don't stay this way forever. :) Even though sometimes, especially in the midst of it, it sure does feel like forever!