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In theory, it's 18 degrees outside right now (I say "in theory" because I had to resort to Google in order to get that information). I don't know what it feels like the temperature is, because I haven't put my nose out a door, nor do I plan to. Today is a day for staying indoors and trying to make our box-piled house (ok, apartment) a home. Whatever sinus pox I've been harboring is finally beginning to noticeably clear up, and that's cleared my head, in both a literal and a figurative sense.

Great rarity that it is, I woke up about an hour before Brooklyn did, so I was able to have my quiet time before 3pm (which is about as early as I've been able to manage of late), both the reading and the journaling parts (the journaling is sort of optional - not because I want it to be, but because it doesn't always happen). It was nice to get my day started on the right foot... part of me mumbles something about "giving God the firstfruits of my day" (although, if that means the best, then my best does not occur anytime before 8am) and wants to set an alarm and try to consistently get up before she does --- and then the exhausted part of me knows that I would just turn off the alarm and go back to sleep (if it even woke me up to start with). So, for now, I'll be grateful for mornings like this one, and fit it when I can on the other days.

Our little dining area is all put together, except that the walls are still bare, and I made a space on top of our game cabinet for my Bible and stack of journals, and Knit the Sky project. I'm finding that knitting a round is the perfect time to go over whatever verses I'm trying to memorize at the moment (which is John 1:1-5 currently) and has the unexpected side effect of reminding me of my verses every time I look up.

The kitchen is wholly and completely everything-in-its-place - not that it looks like that at the moment, after I made breakfast, and started dinner. This is Adam's first real day at work (the past three days were Drill, and that's something he's always had) and between that and the cold, I thought it would be nice for him to come home to good smells and a hot meal, all ready. So I'm making crockpot chicken, and I'm plotting ways to prepare the leftovers (it makes a lot). My Dad got us a panini press when we got married, and (because of lack of space in our old apartment) it hasn't been contaminated with gluten or dairy (which is awesome!) so I may dabble in sandwichery...

I planted the terrarium yesterday. I remain dubious - there was a tiny, staticky, plastic packet of seeds that I was instructed to stir into the dirt, and I'm not completely convinced that any of them actually made it into the terrarium. I guess I'll have to wait seven-to-ten days to find out.

Either way, it's sitting tidily on the corner of the bar now, with a quartet of other items. I desperately want to try to keep our space from becoming cluttered... neither of us can be trusted with Flat Level Surfaces, and tend to leave piles (that's me) and scatterings (that's him) on any unoccupied and unclaimed surface. I want to get a few trays for some of the surfaces - to contain any clutter that may occur, and to discourage it from ever starting (he doesn't stack - if there's so much as a sheet of paper somewhere, he won't put anything on top of it, and I don't want to cover up a pretty tray). Since they can be expensive, I have an idea as to how I can make a couple out of cardboard lids. More on that project next week!

Brooklyn is adamantly opposed to me doing anything but holding her (even if I'm within sight and talking to her, that's still apparently not entertaining enough), but I'm hoping to get her room finished today somehow. Maybe we'll try the doorway jumper this afternoon and see how she likes that...

How do you prevent/contain clutter? Any suggestions as to what all (that is gluten and diary free) would go well on a sandwich with chicken?


Kayla said…
Oooh! We love crockpot chicken. So versatile!
How about chicken, bacon, spinach (sandwich or wrap)? Or chicken fried rice [obviously not a sandwich]… :)

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