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Progress in the Interim

Half a year! It really doesn't seem like it's been that long - but, it also doesn't seem like it's been 3 years (as of last Saturday) since I met Adam, either.

Iffy-ly, and only when she thinks we're not looking, Brooklyn has been making tentative attempts at sitting up. She usually only succeeds when that action will put her within reach of something that she shouldn't have. It may end up being helpful that we move just before she becomes mobile - that way, we can set up our new apartment in a baby-safe way, instead of trying to rearrange a preexisting system.

There hasn't been any more news from Little Rock, but hopefully Adam will find out something concrete at Drill this weekend (which is when last week's Drill got postponed to). We at least have a storage unit now, so whenever I get around to it I can start packing, and we'll be able to move out of Woodway at the end of the year whether or not we have a place set up to live in there.

So, in the meantime, I'm functioning as normal (ha. What is this word, normal?) The arrival of cold weather has led to the reinstitution of twice-daily tea/hot vanilla (hot vanilla is an excellent way to disguise a tea that tastes like licorice...) Now, if I could only remember to bring my travel mug back upstairs after I take it somewhere... or, I could just use my forgetfulness (or perhaps it's hands-too-fullness) as an excuse to add to our mug collection ;)

Brooklyn's been waking up a little less often overnight (only once or twice, as opposed to 3-4 times like she was for awhile) and still sweetly taking morning naps. Afternoon naps are a fight (I feel like I owe our neighbors an apology - you can hear her screeching outside from the second floor - and I can't imagine what it sounds like through the walls) but now that the streets are becoming passable, hopefully we can resume our afternoon outings. There are local businesses very much in need of support, especially since they had to be closed over the weekend - but, if you have shopping that you didn't get to do last week, Four-Legged Bird is having a holiday open house this weekend that you should definitely investigate!

In an attempt to improve the quality of the sleep that I do get, I found an article on sleep pillows in an old issue of Mary Jane's Farm and tried it. The mixture of lavender, catnip, and rosemary (for calm, deep sleep, and headache relief) smells good, and I enjoyed handsewing a little pocket to tuck my sachet into. If it doesn't work as a sleep aid, I can put it in a drawer with some knits. :)

I've been seizing the time that Brooklyn spends napping, or happily talking to her Sophie giraffe, and trying to finish up Christmas knitting. I finished the first pair of gloves yesterday, and started the second (and last) pair. They only take about 6 hours to make - but getting any sort of consecutive time (when there are other tasks that also need to be done, like eating and showering and housecleaning) is kind of a quest.

I also finally blocked the Junco cowl that I made as a gift (I was sort of afraid to - what if it didn't turn out, for some strange reason? But it did). I hope the recipient will enjoy it...

Speaking of Junco, Juniper Moon Farm (makers of the lovely Herriot alpaca that I used) is doing an "All I Want for Christmas" giveaway and a couple of copies of this pattern are going to be prizes. You should go check it out - but quickly, because there are only a few days left!

And, this week's gifts! Lisa and Cara continue to inspire with their #hmblessings Instagram hashtag, and I had a lot to be thankful for, as well.

   22. Drill being cancelled this weekend so Adam doesn't have to drive to Little Rock in the slick
   23. and a new job that means he won't have to go to Afghanistan next year
   24. A home to spend the weekend together in
   25. Soft snow that buries the slick ice
   26. Thick snow that blankets the roof
   27. Silent snow that's a beautiful backdrop to a peaceful day
   28. The knitter I saw at Barnes & Noble who told me about Hand Held
   29. All the knitters (there, and elsewhere) who've patiently taught me
   30. The luxury of being able to make warm woollies for cold outings
   31. Stones that attest to their Maker [the Garden of the Gods]
   32. A country in which one can travel without papers or passports
   33. Mountains that brush the sky [Pikes Peak]
   34. Brooklyn only waking up once last night
   35. Colors - all of them
   36. Hot vanilla with swirling cinnamon
   37. Imagination
   38. The way a book can take you somewhere you've never been
   39. Suspense
   40. Happy childhood memories
   41. The continuation of old traditions
   42. and the creation of new ones

How are your holiday preparations coming?


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