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Counting Down

Brooklyn's still counting up (in age and height, anyway, if not in weight --- at her appointment yesterday, she had only gained about a pound in two months but had grown over 2 inches!) but everything else is counting down (in my head, in an impending-nuclear-strike sort of way...)

At Drill last weekend, some things got sorted out, so Adam should (theoretically) actually have orders sometime today. We did find out that his start date is December 26th - so, in a week. O_o I'm pretending that "a week" is actually a much longer expanse of time than it really is, which is why I'm calmly spending my morning blogging and sipping a warm drink instead of frantically packing.

Brooklyn has been enjoying the packing process that has happened so far (we have a storage unit, that is currently empty, and I'm building a small pyramid in the living room of things that need to be put in it) - boxes, especially small, empty ones, are extraordinary things!

That said, since boxes are expensive (when bought new) and can be dirty and worn (when used), I came up with what I think is a brilliant plan --- to pack at least my books, yarn, and clothes (which description pretty much covers all of my possessions) into brown paper bags, since I've been stashing those for awhile. They're lighter, smaller, easier to carry and stack, and they will be much easier to get rid of/recycle once we get to Little Rock.

Another count-down (because I totally need another count-down) is Christmas, also a week away. Well, less than, as of today, I suppose. Eek. Just forget I said that, ok? I was nearly finished with Glove Pair 2 of 3 (I added another pair in there, but those will have to be mailed and there's no hope of them getting there in time, so I'll probably just mail them after we move) when I was forced to admit that I didn't have enough yarn. So I unraveled both gloves and added hidden greyish-purple welts into the cuffs. It looks like I totally meant to do it, and now my yarn will last. :)

I found some spectacular Washi tape at The Four-Legged Bird, that is going to be a tremendous help in my gift wrapping. I like for the recipient to know that something was handmade, and sometimes it's a bit awkward to just say. Problem solved!

The Four-Legged Bird and Shindig Paperie both have an awesome selection of Washi tapes right now - and that is a great way to dress up a package that's just wrapped in brown paper, tissue paper, or magazine pages, without fiddling with ribbons and bows. Search it on Pinterest, if you're having trouble imagining it/coming up with creative ideas of your own! Also, the Bird is part of an event called "Downtown Countdown" (it's actually an awesome, non-threatening countdown, unlike the others on my list...) that goes through Christmas eve, that will very much help your gift shopping if you haven't finished yet.

I made a market bag out of a flannel shirt to wrap one gift in (step 2, as pictured, is the all-important "pause to dress the baby in castoff snippets and laugh at her reactions, or lack thereof"). The original instructions (found in that same issue of GreenCraft magazine that I've been getting more than my money's worth out of) called for a men's dress shirt, which would probably have been easier to work with, but a flannel shirt is what I had so that's what I used.

Moving is somewhat complicating my Christmas preparations (or, Christmas is complicating my moving preparations?) --- I can't pack up any of my writing/wrapping/crafting supplies until everything is wrapped and ready (which it's not) and I still have no idea what our new address is going to be. We're planning to go on an adventure on Monday (this is Adam's last week at UBC, so he'll be off for the first few days of next week) to look at apartments, so maybe we'll get that figured out soon. We'll also find out how Brooklyn feels about 3 hour car trips...

And finally, this week's gifts! There are still gifts, even in the busyness and the stress - although, I will admit that I fell off the wagon for a couple of days over the weekend while Adam was gone and Brooklyn and I were both sick (all I wanted to do was sleep - all she wanted to do was stay up --- it was a bad combination). But I went ahead and got caught up :)
   43. Pancakes and bacon.
   44. Loving gestures.
   45. Adam praying for us, together, before he left for Little Rock at 3am.
   46. My family of knitters.
   47. Brooklyn's fascination with people-watching.
   48. Superior officers who recognize Adam's potential and help transitions to move along quickly.
   49. A dependable vehicle.
   50. A mechanic Dad who taught me how to take care of it.
   51. A Mum who trusted her 6 year old enough to hand her an atlas and let her navigate on cross-country road trips.
   52. Dairy-free alternative that make the foods (and drinks!) I love still a part of my menu.
   53. Honey. Bees are amazing!
   54. and cinnamon. Because it's curled up tree bark, but it tastes great!
   55. Little things to make our new apartment homier.
   56. "Home is where the heart is" and the one I "heart" is staying home!
   57. The returned ability to smell, after a sniffle.
   58. The calming power of music
   59. and the learnable ability to play it..
   60. A pair of the good Bose earbuds, for when it's 3am and I can't sleep.
   61. Free access to Bible[s!] and study materials.
   62. The amazing array of Godly leadership in my life.
   63. That the King of all Creation chose to be born in a stable. [Isaiah 61:1-3]

Aside from the busyness of the season, do you have any other current life-upheavals to distract you?


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