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A Pebble in My Shoe

The past few days have been somewhat frustrating - no, I'll take that back. I've been somewhat frustrated - but that was a decision on my part, and not necessarily the days' fault (although, not having had an uninterrupted night's sleep for over a month has been rather detrimental to my outlook). At any rate, I've been getting up on the wrong side of the bed with a whiny "why?!" attitude and I continued the trend today.

With freezing rain (and sleet... and wintery mix... and snow... and below-freezing temperatures) threatening my fun weekend plans, and Adam packing to go to Drill (he didn't need to be in Little Rock until tomorrow morning, but left around 11 today to make sure he could take his time and drive carefully), it looked like I was going to be spending a lonely weekend stuck in the apartment with an upset Small Person who is easily bored and doesn't understand why we can't Go Do Something. [cue pity party and a Within Temptation album]

And then, 10 minutes after he left, Adam turned up on the doorstep with all of his gear and the announcement that Drill has been postponed until next weekend. Thank God. I felt relief and gratitude, and repentance for my bad attitude, wash over me. And the gratitude for him being home this weekend extended over into gratitude for him not having to deploy next year (which I was reserving because it came with a move that I didn't really want to make).

It's been possible for months, but Army-sure is not actually sure, so I've been pretending it wasn't going to happen and not saying anything about it. However, papers are being processed and it looks like we are for really real going to move to Little Rock in January - his unit needs someone to stay behind while they deploy, and keep things running smoothly Stateside, and they have unanimously chosen him. I have mixed feelings about this, but given a choice between moving 3 hours away from Fayetteville with Adam for a few years or him deploying to Afghanistan for year and us staying behind, I'll take Little Rock. And it's not too terribly far away from Fayetteville - we'll still be able to come back for visits (which I'm sure will happen frequently, since grandparents are here ;)

Since everything must happen in its proper sequence, and all I know for certain at this point is that we need to be out of our current apartment by the end of December, the only preparing I've been able to do thus far has been mental packing (which is the source of my recent getting-rid-of-things spree). Thankfully, a storage unit opens up here next week, so we're planning to move everything into that, then stay with my parents until whatever point in January we get a truck and a new apartment and the spare time to move everything.

So, now I have a favor to ask of anyone who lives in, frequents, or has lived in Little Rock/North Little Rock (we'll probably be in Maumelle) recently: I need recommendations!
-Coffee/tea shops (I'm more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker, but I'll take a latte if it's properly made)

-Local bookstores (also, my perpetual Moleskine is almost full, so I'll need a new one of those...)
-Fair trade/organic clothing boutiques (me sized, and Brooklyn sized)
-Paper 'n' pens
-Libraries (with a storytime for Brooklyn?)
-Parks/places to walk (that have trees and possibly water)
-Gluten free/dairy free restaurant options (I'm optimistic that a larger city will have a greater variety than Fayetteville... hopefully)
-and GF/dairy free groceries
-actually, more-healthy-than-usual groceries, in general (something along the lines of Ozark Natural Foods)
-Yarn and knitting (of course! I know about Yarn Mart - are there others?)
-any other fabulous local shops
I'd love to hear any, "I've heard it's good but I've never been there" but I'd really love to hear, "This is a place that I frequent because..." Thanks in advance!


Karen said…
little rock has a lot of great libraries (i remember at least 2 of quality), and their fresh market is a lot like ONF. when i lived in conway, we'd drive to LR frequently for these things.
glad to hear adam's able to stay home with his two lovely ladies.
Cozy Knitting said…
Okay-LR is not so bad, just big and spread out. My son and his wife live there, and if you want, I'll give you their number. There is a Whole Foods and other natural foods selections. Libraries are great. There is the Riverside Park that has paths all along the riverside. There is a great independent bookstore up on Cantrell-can't remember the name offhand. Lots of restaurants that cater to your needs. The big farmer's market is great in season. Lots to tell ya, but probably you should call Holly or Ryan and ask specific questions. They live in the Heights. She knows all the great shops-she gets me really fair market gifts somewhere there.

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