Wednesday, November 20, 2013


After trying to take the picture herself, I managed to distract Brooklyn this morning with her Taggie-bear. She's getting more interested in Things, and more capable of grabbing them - sometimes it's a bad combination. Especially around hair... and jewelry... and noses... and bags of Doritos in the grocery store...

She enjoys helping hold the book while we read, especially. Even if I give her a toy to hold, it usually gets flung across the room within a few minutes in favor of her helping keep the book from escaping. If imaginations can run wild, why not the books themselves? Perhaps a "page of prancing poetry" is more literal than Emily Dickinson thought...

But she's interested in the words, too - not just in gripping the pages. She'll sit for quite awhile and let you read to her - her books, with few words and many pictures, or whatever grown-up book we're reading (even if it's all words and no pictures). In any book, she's more interested in the words than the pictures, anyway.

 With that in mind, we've added "memorizing poetry" to the bathtime routine. I got a pretty reporter-style notebook from Shindig, and each week I'm copying a poem into it. We can prop it up on the edge of the tub and go over it while she has her nightly bath. And, when she's finished, she'll have her own hand-picked poetry collection. We began with Bilbo's Bath Song (Tolkien - can't beat Tolkien), and this week we've got Milton.

'Tis the season for Christmas knitting, and it's nice to know that others have begun theirs, as well. [On a side note, anyone that wants to bring me a caffeinated beverage at any time is welcome to, and, actually, if you knock on my door without one, I probably won't open it.] I keep thinking of gifts to knit... most recently added to the list are a couple of pairs of fingerless gloves for the two co-workers that we've befriended at a nearby gas station. I'll start those after I finished this cowl - which is about half-way complete.

I've also been practicing holiday hair (I want to get it cut... it's more than long enough to donate. But I keep forgetting to call and make an appointment.) I found a fun wire wrap at The Four-Legged Bird that wraps nicely around the base of a bun, and wrestles all of my fine, slick hairs into submission for a little longer than just a hair tie will. And it's pretty.

It's fun to witness the sense of wonder that Brooklyn still has - it's helping me rekindle mine. Reminding me to notice the moments of art and beauty that surround me --- to stop and enjoy the barista's skill in visual design before tasting the goodness of their handicraft - to admire the remarkable things some people can draw with Sharpies - to thank God for the watercolor array of changing leaves, as the mountainsides shift from green to gold to brown... because wonder is a gateway to thankfulness, and I could definitely use more of that in my life.

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