Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Growth and Bare Branches

Brooklyn's level of environmental awareness (and ability to snag objects that wander too near) has noticeably improved this past week! She's started kicking her feet (almost) in time to music, and my nose ring confused her briefly - she waved her hand and swatted my nose, then patted it, then patted her own. Why doesn't mine feel like that?

The past few nights she's been sitting up in her bathtub, steadying herself by holding the side, and she's also discovered that toes are fun to suck on. And she's getting better at getting her thumb in her mouth when she wants it. I'm finding a surprising number of anti-thumb-sucking people... to me, pacifiers are a recent invention, can be lost, and aren't real, and while I recognize that they can be taken away, I believe that social pressure or personal inconvenience (speaking from experience on that one) will break a child of the habit when the habit needs to be broken. [Note: I realize that there are instances when either the child's teeth or thumb begin to be deformed because of thumb sucking - but I believe those to be exceptions, not rules.]

I sorted through all of her clothes the other day, taking out the ones that no longer fit and getting out the ones that do. After much deliberation, I've decided that I'm not going to keep any of them (except handknits - those get kept). We have no place to store them (and there are several possibilities that we may move sometime in the next year, and I don't want to move things that aren't necessary) - and there's no knowing when or if we'll have another child, and if that child will be a girl - and I'm increasingly beginning to believe that keeping things that I don't need or use when others need/can use them is wasteful.

With that mindset, I also sorted and reduced my yarn stash, and resolved to use up what I kept (and deal with that "hibernating works in progress" box later...) I'm almost finished with one from-stash design that I'll hopefully finish by the weekend, and I'm planning to knit fingerless gloves for two members of Brooklyn's fan club (coworkers at the gas station we walk to for Icees in the evenings) for Christmas out of some beautiful Alchemy that I found.

As a result of the grand sorting, I found an entire unopened bag of royal alpaca (that's the first and softest shearing, for you non-fiber-folk) and started a sweater for Na[tional]Kni[t a]Swe[ater]Mo[nth]. I'm about 1/8th of the way through and I'm really looking forward to wearing it once it's finished (even if it doesn't actually get finished in the month of November).

I also designed a scarf for the Red Scarf Project with some beautiful (but, tragically, discontinued) Noro yarn that I had. It was refreshingly bulky, so I was able to churn out a 6 foot scarf in a couple of days - plus, self striping yarn is oddly motivating. Well, I need to finish this color before I can put it down... ooh, but what's it going to be next?

Adam gave me this lovely necklace for our first anniversary --- and I firmly believe that the chain was specifically engineered to pull hair. So I got some leather cord and held it with a strand of invisible cord, and restrung it, placing each pearl and shell piece where it originally was. I'm very pleased with the end result - and now I can actually wear it!

While I am not a pumpkin-spice kind of person, I did think that pumpkin spice pancakes sounded worth a try --- so I replaced the milk content in my too-beloved Bisquick with pumpkin spice coconut milk. The coconut milk is really creamy, so it made the batter thicker, resulting in pancakes that were not only delicious but also thick and fluffy. I experimented with it while Adam was gone over the weekend, but he's requested them for this weekend. :)

Nature's autumnal down-to-bare-bones cleaning continues to inspire me, in our home and in my thought processes - after all, my mind works better when it's uncluttered. I wonder what new adventures this week will hold?

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Cassy said...

Whoooo! 21 weeks. That's exciting. I'm of the pass-it-on mindset about baby clothes too. We have a tiny house!