Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mostly Baby

Five months old yesterday! We've reinstated cereal as a part of breakfast - she initially wasn't really sure what to do with it, so I decided to wait awhile. We tried it again this week, with much more success. She's still a little uncertain about the cereal, but the spoon is very exciting and she leans forward with her mouth open and reaches for it.

She's much more interested in books now, too. She'll sit contentedly in your lap and look on while you read, sometimes trying to help with the page turning (she can grab a board book page, but still struggles to get it flipped one way or the other). We've been focusing on sounds this week, so we've read Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You? many, many times.

With her motor skills improving, everything goes straight into her mouth (except the drum sticks. We got a set of drum sticks, since we're doing sounds and all, and we each have one while we listen to music - and she knows that it's for hitting things with). Sometimes she gets the crinkly triangle so soggy that I'm surprised it will even still crinkle...

Since everything goes into her mouth, and she's really good at reaching around to grab a ponytail (and I'm not very good at getting a braid even and centered in the back), I resorted to Google in quest of a bun that I might be able to do (I'm anti-bobby pins, but my hair is anti-updo. Bad combo.) I combined a couple of different ideas that I found, with reasonable success. This should hold me over until I can get it cut - it's more than long enough to donate to Beautiful Lengths, and that's the only reason I grow my hair out anyway. I'd prefer to keep it short.

Going and Doing is still the best way to make it through a day with minimal meltdowns (for either of us... if we stay home, there's a point in the late afternoon/early evening when we really can't stand to look at each other anymore, so we need to go look at other people or a tree or something), so (except for the past few days, when the high has been 40 - what happened?!) we've been out walking and going on adventures quite a bit. The Farmer's Market is drawing to a close, and they've begun to put up Christmas lights on the Square - despite all of my holiday preparations, I'm still not quite ready for this...

Besides, it's not Thanksgiving yet! I found a wonderful Thanksgiving Tree that Ann Voskamp put together - except that our printer hasn't had color ink in I don't know how long, and the black has been functioning like the widow's oil for months, so I had to improvise. Also, she picturesquely tied hers onto a bouquet of branches, but I chose to hang them all on our front door knob (after all, we're blessed when we come in and blessed when we go out, per Deuteronomy 28:6). We're reading the reference, then writing something on the back that we're thankful for - if it's something we're thanking God for, it goes back on the doorknob, and if it's something we're thankful to someone we know for, then we write it down and give it to them. A tangible way to spread the gratitude :)

With the abrupt arrival of cold, I had to figure out a way to make my Mum's hot vanilla dairy free. So I used vanilla coconut milk, with the usual two spoonfuls of honey and dash of cinnamon - and it may actually be better than the regular kind! (That, or the only room in our apartment that's kept as warm as I'd like it is Brooklyn's, and I value the warmth ;)

No knitting to post this week... I did publish a pattern on Monday, but I haven't been particularly inspired of late. I may work on Christmas knitting to get it finished up and hope that the designing mojo comes back in the interim. I'm not sure what the rest of this week holds - but I'm sure it will be an adventure, whatever it is!

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