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Destruction, Creation, Organization

Brooklyn thoroughly disapproved of me pausing while getting her breakfast ready to take a picture - but she was too cute not to capture. It was a rare moment of still peacefulness.

She's been getting into things (as much as she can, with somewhat limited mobility). That said, she's more mobile than she lets on - turn your back, and she can get pretty far in a very short amount of time. She's particularly drawn to stacks of things - unstacking them, and stuffing them into her mouth is highly entertaining. I have no doubt she'll have a grand time "helping" with laundry in a few months...

While she's been having fun destroying things, I've been on a creative kick. I picked up the latest issue of GreenCraft magazine last week at Ozark Natural Foods, and it was full of fun ideas. I have a small stash of interesting corks (long saved, from Hand Held knit nights) so I sliced up a couple to make charms - I was pleased with how the acrylic paint and rubber stamps turned out (and amazed that I could cut as straight as I did, and without shortening my fingers!)

Another idea they had was to use jars as picture frames (genius!) --- so I combined the two, and liked it enough to make a couple more (but those are Christmas presents, so no pix here ;) I already had all of the supplies I needed, except the jars, but those weren't much to start with and happened to be half off the week I quested to Hobby Lobby for them (huzzah!).

Pop tabs - another thing I'd been saving (I've had those green Monster ones for at least 3 years...), and another thing that GreenCraft had an idea for. That'll be an activity with my two small (well, not so small anymore. Younger than me, at least!) cousins over Christmas - I'll document, and post the adventure, if we end up doing it (and if not, I'll do it myself and then post pictures anyway :)

Sadly, not all of my stashes are so easily validated. I reorganized all of the circular needles I could find (I know there are probably more - they keep popping up), yet again, into the nice case that's designed for them, and found many, many duplicates. Lots and lots of 6s, 7s and 8s, most of them fairly long. I should start up a prayer shawl or baby blanket knitting group...

With no idea that I'm attempting organize and minimize, a friend/fellow church member who designs for/is related to Everything Mary gave me a sample from their upcoming line, and I promptly put it to good use (it's amazing - there are pockets on the outside, the inside, and in the lid; the inside yarn basket lifts out and there are more pockets; and it has wheels and a nice little extending handle).

And it's a pretty black-and-white print that goes well with a couple of black-and-white Lexie Barnes knitting organizing bags and boxes that I have. Transferring the yarn that I plan to use for future designs to this case freed up an entire big plastic storage tub - the key now is to not refill it with something else.

Today is the deep breath before the plunge... not only the mad rush of impending holidays, but upcoming big change for our little family (more on that later, and when it becomes more concrete), and I sent in a couple of design submissions to a yarn company today, and have some butterflies in my tummy (advantages to self publishing: you don't have to sketch, and you don't have to validate your idea). Those won't be reviewed until Monday... so this long weekend may end up being very long, for me!


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