Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Million Little Ways, Ten Thousand Reasons, and One Thousand Gifts

The (in)courage Bloom book study of A Million Little Ways just concluded. It was a spectacular book that I need to reread - later. For now, I'm taking to heart the "job description" of an image bearer, as given by Emily P Freeman:
Desire... [take courage, and dream]
Rescue... [reawaken lost dreams]
Sink... [into God, admitting that you can do nothing on your own]
See... [the critics as signposts, pointing to our life and death in Christ's death and Life]
Listen... [God speaks in moments of heartbreak, through questions, in storms and through the stillness]
Show up... [with your limits, and your potential]
Wait... [have faith]
Offer... [what you have, you've been given - so give it!]
Wonder... [embrace the moments of beauty, the strokes of His brush in even the ordinary]
and finally,
Create... [for the glory of Him who created you]

That's a lot to think about, but I feel like it's a lot coming at a good time. The holiday season will descend tomorrow (or tonight, at 8pm, if you're one of those stores) and it will bring a sense of stress and chaos that threaten to overwhelm the Christmas spirit.

So, despite (or perhaps because...) the next month is going to be ridiculous on many, many levels, I'm going to fit in reading Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts and I'm going to start counting today - because there really are "ten thousand reasons for my heart to find" to bless the Lord. I just need to start looking for them.

1. A four day weekend to spend with my Bear, and Brooklyn
2. Relatives who are willing to go the extra mile and cook gluten/dairy free
3. Good relationships with family, so that spending time with them isn't stressful

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