Wednesday, October 23, 2013


So thoughtful! Brooklyn's been deeply interested in observing things of late - and in rolling. Rolling is fun now.

Especially trying to roll off of things. We've had to move from the couch to the floor as our preferred sitting spot. She can also move, somehow - she can't crawl, but (as long as you're not looking) she can get Elsewhere pretty quickly. I secretly suspect that she's at least one developmental stage ahead of what she lets on.

Though she can't quite sit up on her own yet, she enjoyed being sat on the Woodway steps for a (rather chilly) photoshoot on Saturday. Shake is complete, and I am absolutely delighted with how it turned out! I designed the waist with ribbing and drawstring and used a superwash wool yarn, so hopefully we'll be able to enjoy it for awhile. :)

Cereal, which she just started to be able to have occasionally, is still kind of confusing - she likes the spoon (a lot) and wants to chew on it... but then pieces of something come off the spoon into her mouth and that's just weird.

So food hasn't become a regular part of the routine yet. We do have a good bedtime system established, though: after her bath and during her bedtime morsel, we go over her memory verse for the week (I realize that she may not be able to memorize it just yet, but if we go through this deck once a year, eventually she'll remember) and discuss it (ok, I monologue about whatever comes to mind that's relevant - by Day 6 or 7, I get pretty creative), sing three pertinent songs, think of three things from the day to be grateful for, and pray. Right now it's just me talking to myself, but as she gets older I'd like for her to participate in the discussion and the thinking of thankful things.

 We're also trying a new way of putting our prayer list on the refrigerator so that it's not overwhelming and no one gets missed. Every time we open the door, we have to stop and pray for whoever is marked, then move the magnet to the next person. In a list a dozen long, we've collectively been through it a couple of times since I put it up on Sunday.

I need to add Adam's dad - he had a stroke (or an aneurysm..? it was a burst, not a clot) this morning and is currently in the ICU, doing better than he was when he got there but far from the level of acuity and agility that he would like to be at. So prayers for peace and comfort and healing (if it be to God's glory) would be appreciated!

I'll close with a thought from the Bloom discussion on A Million Little Ways...
"We are colanders filled with glory-water... God's glory demands display, [but] we want to be something more sensible, more practical. Something like a jar with a lid. No holes. No glory leaks." -Emily P Freeman
Not my will, but Thine, be done. For Thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory --- forever and ever. Amen.

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