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Renovation, Innovation, Preparation

Several people I know have been starting new blogs or renovating their old ones - and it inspired me. Over the past week or two, I've changed up my background and header, cleaned up my sidebar, tagged/retagged every post (going back to the beginning - that was... time consuming), and added a few pages (you'll find those at the top of the page). Please check it out, and let me know what you think!

Now, on to more important topics. Brooklyn will be 4 months old on Saturday! So hard to believe... in the past week, she's rediscovered rolling over (front to back) and added rolling over back-to-front to her list of developments, along with being able to suck her thumb.

Her motor skills are improving nicely. She's fairly consistently able to see something, grab it, and at least get the hand that's holding it into her mouth (if not the thing itself). The most entertaining thing to her at the moment is a folded piece of cloth --- it unfolds! I need to recapture that sense of wonder in things I've come to think of common - I think I'd be considerably happier.

Yesterday was Butterfly Day (for history, see yesterday's post) and Mum's sweet May-basketing habit of leaving surprises on my doorknob reminded me of the mailbox I had on my bedroom door as a kid... That's a tradition I'd like to share with Brooklyn when she's a little older. I vividly remember the delight of opening my door and seeing the little magnet that indicated "mail" - always on holidays and special occasions, but most delightfully at random.

In the mean time, picnics and walks at the park are definitely a tradition that she can participate in! It's cute and frightening at the same time how good she is at standing up (with a little - very little - help). Adam walked at 8 months - she may be planning to step in his shoes!

With the arrival of cooler weather comes the need to evaluate my wardrobe. I don't need any new clothes, but I did decide to refresh some of my old ones: glittering the scuffed heels on a pair of boots (I've only worn them once since - I'll let you know how permanent it ends up being)...

...and replacing the broken zipper pulls on one of my favorite jackets (what am I saying? They're all my favorite --- jackets are awesome!)

But while I have a closet and a dresser full of clothes (and another closet and some shelves, just for knits...), Brooklyn does not. So I reduced my stash a little while extending her summer clothes into the fall: thus, Honu. I am quite pleased with how it turned out - that being said, it is possible to put something absolutely dreadful on a cute baby and then it becomes cute by extension.

Despite taking yesterday off to make a hat (see yesterday's post), I succeeded in finishing the first of Brooklyn's legwarmers, leaving only one more to go in order to be finished with our matching woolies. It turned out very cute - I can't wait to photoshoot these!

I love fall, but that means the holiday season is approaching, so I'm preparing for the upcoming gauntlet of food-and-familycentric goings and doings. It floors me how many people don't take dietary restrictions and food sensitivities seriously (I mean, I think the malnutrition resultant from any exposure to gluten on my part, and the rashes and intense tummy-trouble Brooklyn gets from dairy are kind of serious...), though I do empathize with the noncomprehension of just how pervasive those things are (gluten in envelope sealant and milk derivatives in sidewalk chalk - really?) In order to make life easier, I'm already planning to pack along food - which is what I did last year, but that's a bit more of a planning process with Brooklyn involved, since she'll be having some solid food by then. I suggested (seriously) to Adam that we sell both our cars, and get a truck and a fifth wheel camper to live in - then our kitchen would travel with us where ever we went and we wouldn't have to worry about contamination or food emergencies. There were other reasons behind it, as well - who knows, maybe that will a future adventure!


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